It's Time to Make the Switch to Recycled Promotional Products

Going green is a subject that has become increasingly more prominent within our modern lives, with the likes of Greta Thunberg, David Attenborough and more keeping discussions around the environment firmly in the headlines.

One way people and businesses are becoming more environmentally conscious is via the employment of recycling. And with good cause! British households create over 26 million tonnes of waste each year yet only 12 million tonnes - less than half - are actually recycled.


Which Products And Materials Is The UK Recycling?

Fun fact: aluminium is the third most abundant element in the Earth's crust and is the Earth's second most used metal.

With aluminium being such a widely used material, it's only fitting that we highlight its recycling potential. Did you know that 90% of all the drinks cans sold in the UK every year are made aluminium? Some more quick-fire facts about the metal include:

  • Recycling drinks cans made of aluminium can save up to 95% of the energy needed to make aluminium from its raw materials.
  • The energy saved by recycling one aluminium can is enough to run a TV for three hours.
  • It takes as little as 60 days to recycle aluminium cans and for them to be back on our supermarket shelves.

Paper is another common material that we use and waste every single day when we could be recycling it. To produce the world's paper demand, four billion trees are cut down every single year - that's 1% of the Amazon Rainforest! 

Did you know that...

  • Brits use over 12.5 million tonnes of paper each year - that's the equivalent of a forest the size of Wales.
  • The UK recycles around 80% of the paper it uses.
  • Recycling one tonne of paper would save 17 trees, 4000 KW of energy (enough to power a house for a year!), 380 gallons of oil, 7,000 gallons of water and three cubic metres of landfill space.

Case Study: Girlfriend Collective, A Brand Made From Recycled Plastics

It may come as a surprise to you that clothing can be made from recycled materials. This is what US-based sportswear label Girlfriend Collective has based their brand on, with eco-friendly credentials at the top of their priorities. 

Girlfriend Collective creates clothing made from recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets. In their words, 'old water bottles and fishing nets look better on you than they do clogging landfills and polluting oceans' - well said!

If you like the idea of offering eco clothing to your customers, we have a selection of items available that can be branded with your logo. Our Eco Jersey Crew T-Shirts, for example, are made from a mix of organic and recycled materials, whilst our Eco-Friendly Recycled Caps are made from recycled PET bottles.

Switching To Recycled Merchandise To Make Your Brand More Eco

If you're looking for ways to demonstrate your business takes its corporate social responsibility seriously, investing in eco-friendly promotional merchandise is a smart move. Whether you want giveaways for events, gifts for clients or are simply looking to revamp your office, our pick of the best recycled promotional products ticks all of the boxes.

1. Recycled Notepad And Pen Sets

Our Recycled Notepad and Pen sets are forever a bestseller for good reason. Each spiral-bound notebook contains 60 ruled white pages made from 100% recycled paper and each matching pen is comprised of biodegradable parts. Personalised with your logo printed to both the front cover of the notepad and barrel of the pen, these are the perfect eco-friendly promotional gift.

Great for: Promoting your business is eco-conscious whilst effortlessly advertising your brand.

Lead time: 10 working days.

2. Recycled Calico Ballpen 

Great for adding a green touch to event giveaways, these Recycled Super Hit Ballpens are the eco version of our best-selling promotional Calico Ballpens. Each of these printed pens is manufactured from recycled materials and is available in a range of colours for an eye-catching finish.

Choose if... You're looking for a green yet cost-effective promotional item.

Lead time: 5 working days.

3. Brite Mat Tyre Coasters

Manufactured in the UK, these printed coasters are made from old tyres to help reduce the amount going to waste and the impact their disposal has on the environment. Available in both square and circular designs, these promotional coasters can be printed with your custom artwork to keep your branding on prime display within homes and workplaces across the UK.

Consider these if... You're looking to drive your brand straight to the forefront of your customers' minds!

Lead time: 11 working days.

4. Recycled PET Vented Auto Umbrellas

These branded umbrellas are manufactured with nature in mind, with the canopy vented for increased stability in even the windiest of conditions and automatic opening to help protect against those unexpected showers. Each of these sustainable umbrellas features your company's logo printed to the canopy (which is made from 100% recycled plastic, by the way!) for maximum brand exposure.

Excellent for: Generating brand awareness come rain or shine.

Lead time: 10 working days.

5. A4 Recycled Polyproylene Notepads

Available in a choice of 10 bold colours, you've also got the option to customise the front cover of these eco-friendly notepads with your very own bespoke full colour design. Our A4 Recycled Polypropylene Notepads are made from UK-sourced recycled polypropylene and recycled paper for a completely green desk essential.

Ideal for... A range of target audiences, from students to teachers, office to construction workers and so much more.

Lead time: 10 working days.

6. Recycled Large Paper Carrier

For an eco-friendly alternative to plastic carrier bags look no further than these Recycled Large Paper Carriers. Each paper bag is made from 100% recycled paper and offers a large print area for your corporate branding. Ideal for takeaway restaurants, shops and cafes, as well as events and exhibitions, these branded paper bags are great for shining your company in an eco-conscious light.

Choose these if... You're looking for a recycled product that generates mobile advertising.

Lead time: 10 working days.

7. Kafo Recycled Mugs

Our Kafo Recycled Mugs are made from recycled SAN plastic and boast a generous 330ml capacity for your clients' favourite beverage. Available in a selection of eye-catching colours, printed with your logo and boasting a non-chip construction, they offer longevity in your marketing.

Great for: Advertising your brand with every sip.

Lead time: 10 working days.

9. Seabrook Recycled 5oz Cotton Tote Bags

Our Seabrook Recycled 5oz Cotton Tote Bags are the very definition of eco-friendly promotional merchandise. Made from 60% recycled cotton t-shirts and blended with 40% R-PET (recycled plastic bottles), these bags can be reused again and again. Personalised with your company logo printed to the front of the bag for maximum brand exposure, they offer striking visibility for your branding.

Brilliant as: An eco-friendly giveaway that keeps your company in full view wherever your customers go.

Lead time: 7-10 working days.

9. Americano Recycled 350ml Mugs

These double-walled insulated tumblers are manufactured from 100% recycled PP plastic and come in black as standard due to their construction. With a volume capacity of 350ml, they are the perfect size for your customers to enjoy their favourite hot drink on the go.

Choose these if... You want an eco-friendly item that offers long-lasting brand exposure.

Lead time: 6 working days.

At Total Merchandise, our friendly and experienced team are ready to help you find the very best eco-friendly promotional products to match your business' unique needs - a small change that can have an enormous impact. Browse our full range of eco-friendly promotional merchandise and contact us today to receive a quote for your brand.

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