12 Amazing BRIMAN Discounts To Make The Most Of This Spring

Total Merchandise was recently named the winner of the Briman Award: an important accolade that acknowledges our support of British-made promotional products.

As part of our win, we've partnered with some of the BRIMAN businesses to offer our customers fantastic exclusive offers on a range of UK-made merchandise items, including drinkware, stationery and name badges. Read on to find out more and discover some of the offers!


What is the BRIMAN Award?

The BRIMAN Award is given out by the BRIMAN group, which comprises 16 businesses across the British promotional merchandise industry.

"BRIMAN" is a portmanteau of "British" and "manufacturing", with all members of the group specialising in branded products that are made in Britain. Areas of merchandise expertise among the BRIMAN members includes everything from drinkware and trophies to seeds and edible gifts.

The BRIMAN Award was handed out at the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA)'s annual awards in January 2024, and the Total Merchandise team were blown away to be named the recipient of this prestigious title. 

As Total Merchandise MD Jay said at the time: “We’re constantly striving to support British manufacturers of promotional products. Myself and the team are very proud to have won this fantastic award."

What Are The Benefits Of Considering British-Made Merch?

There are a variety of reasons to consider choosing British-made promotional products for your next marketing campaign, including:

  • Supporting the local economy: by choosing British-made promotional products, you can help contribute to the growth and sustainability of local businesses and communities. This can generate a sense of community engagement and also demonstrates corporate social responsibility (CSR), which can resonate well with your customers and add extra depth to your marketing efforts.
  • Reduced carbon footprint: opting for products manufactured locally reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation and delivery, as goods don't need to be shipped from distant locations. This aligns with environmentally conscious practices, appealing to eco-minded consumers and potentially reducing overall environmental impact.
  • Enhanced brand perception: associating your brand with British-made products can convey an effortless sense of prestige and craftsmanship. Leveraging the reputation of British manufacturing excellence can elevate your brand perception, instilling confidence and trust among your customers.

And of course, another fantastic reason to consider them at the moment is that many of our British-made products are currently on offer. Browse some of our favourite discounted products below and explore our full range of exclusive BRIMAN savings - but be quick!  All offers expire on 30 April 2024. 

Recycled 500ml Loop Sports Bottle

Why we love it: this bottle's versatile design makes it a great choice for use anywhere from the gym to the office.

Made from recycled plastic milk bottles - hello, fantastic talking point - this eco-friendly drinkware option is available to order in 10 different colour combinations, with the option to add your design in up to full colour.   

These Loop Sports Bottles can be ordered from just 50 units and can make a great addition to any health or fitness-themed marketing efforts, as well as lifestyle-themed campaigns in general.

Want to explore more options? Take a look at our 500ml Full Colour Finger Grip Bottles - they're currently on offer, too!

Eco Trolley Coin Ice Scraper Keyring

Why we love it: we always enjoy discovering a promotional item that works harder than us - and this multi-tasking keyring does just that.

These handy ice scraper keyrings won the prestigious Platinum award at the 2023/2024 edition of the British Promotional Merchandise Association's Product of the Year Awards. Combining a niftily sized ice scraper with a trolley coin, it's the ultimate multi-tasker and is a great way to generate meaningful brand awareness with your customers. 

Made from recycled plastic, the trolley coin can be printed with your full colour design to one or both sides - it's entirely up to you.

Real Wood Column Awards

Why we love it: this product is great for adding a sense of celebration to any occasion, with the low minimum order quantity making it a solid choice for any event. 

Perfect for everything from industry awards to "employee of the month" celebrations, our Real Wood Column Awards are made from beautiful oak and can be printed or engraved with your artwork to two of its sides.

Available to order from just five units, they're a great way to bring an eco-friendly touch to any special awards ceremony or event you might be planning, with the price including two lines of personalised text.

Lip Balm Tin

Why we love it: these pocket-friendly beauty treats are perfect for generating subtle brand awareness with every use. 

With six mouthwatering flavours to choose from, these promo Lip Balm Tins contain a lip-smacking balm that's made of cocoa butter and coconut oil.

Your design will be emblazoned on the tin's lid, with artwork printed in full colour as standard. The perfect size for popping in handbags or pockets, you can be confident that your recipients will love them, whether they're handed out at events or sold in a retail setting. 

Metal Staff Name Badges with Standard Fitting

Why we love it: a professional classic, these name badges will never go out of style and are a fuss-free way to help your colleagues feel extra-smart in a flash.

Perfect for customer-facing environments such as showrooms, shopfloors and offices, these name badges will add an extra sheen of professionalism to any team's attire.

Ready to order today from 25 units, they're a great choice for businesses both large and small, with the option to print your design in up to full colour. Also available to order with a magnetic fitting

Iced Logo Shortbreads

Why we love it: yes, #teamTM is an office of biscuit fanatics - but that's not the only reason we love this biscuit. There's something so elegant about seeing a logo printed in edible ink, and these biscuits are a great way to add an impressive extra touch to any upcoming marketing events. 

Looking to add a sweet touch to an event? Whether you're laying on a corporate buffet or are looking for an edible gift to include in gift bags, our Iced Logo Shortbreads are a great choice. 

Freshly made in the UK, each of these quick turnaround biscuits features your design printed in edible ink. 

Want more sweet-treat ideas? Our Frosted Cupcakes are currently on offer too.

Square Recycled Paper Notebooks

Why we love it: from the simplicity of the square design to the eco back story of the product as a whole, this notebook has got a lot to give.

Available to order in a wide range of colours, our Square Recycled Paper Notebooks are a great product choice for businesses that are looking for a stationery option that both their staff and customers will love.

With a cover that's made from recycled card, each of these notebooks contains 75 pages of recycled paper. Your logo is printed to the cover and on the sheets within, for brand awareness with every turn of the page. 

Real Wood Oblong Keyrings

Why we love it: promo keyrings are a great way to generate daily awareness for your brand - and even more so if you choose a beautiful wooden keyring like this one.

A great tool for promoting any business, our Real Wood Oblong Keyrings are guaranteed to keep your brand fresh in your customers' minds post-transaction. 

With three types of wood - oak, cherry and walnut - to choose from, your design can be engraved on printed in full colour to a dome insert.

These keyrings are also available (at discounted prices!) in an oval shape.

Bamboo Coasters

Why we love it: these handy coasters are useful for a whole range of settings, whether they're used in the home, in hospitality settings or in the workplace. 

Available to order either in a square, round or bespoke shape, these Bamboo Coasters are recyclable and biodegradable, as well as being made in the UK. 

With the option to print or engrave them with your design, you've got complete control over how you customise them. Order them from 25 units and add a touch of brand awareness to desks, tabletops and more! 

Need more coaster inspiration? Take a look at our Recycled Biodegradable Plastic Coasters, which are currently available at discounted prices.

Printed Metal Badges

Why we love it: these badges are a fantastic choice if you're looking to order low-cost, high-impact merch for your business. 

These smart metal badges are available to order in a range of finishes and are cut to your specified shape. They're a fantastic merchandise choice for charities, unions and more, and can also make a great resale option. 

As well as being manufactured in the UK, they're also provided in sustainable packaging that's made from recycled card and is also 100% recyclable to boot.


Why we love it: ...because who doesn't harbour a secret dream about sitting at a desk that has their very own nameplate on it...? 

Ideal for bringing a smart touch to any desk in customer-facing environments, our nameplates are available in a range of finishes and can be ordered from just five units.

The price you see listed includes your full colour logo, with personalised text meaning the name and position of your colleagues will be on clear display. 

Moso Bamboo Phone Stands

Why we love it: fun to construct, striking to look at and an all-in-all statement product, this phone stand is a great way to assert your brand in a stylish and eco-minded way.

Making a fantastic corporate gift for your most valued customers, our smart Moso Bamboo Phone Stand is ready to order from 10 units and is a fantastic eco giveaway item that's made in the UK. 

Impeccably engraved with your design, they're delivered flat-pack and are easily slotted together for fuss-free assembly - keeping your phone on display has never looked better.

Explore our full range of BRIMAN discounts, as well as our Made In The UK range. Need help finding a specific item? Simply contact a member of our friendly and experienced Sales team on 01376 509092 or email us today for more information. Main image: Pixabay via Pexels.

Written by

Katie Reed | Product Manager & Head of Artwork

With 13 years of experience in the promotional merchandise industry, Katie speaks with true authority about all matters related to promotional products. Her attention to detail and creative flair ensure that product details, prices, imagery and descriptions are accurate and answer all our customers' questions. Her articles and other product-related content have become truly trusted sources of information and inspiration for anyone deciding on their next promotional product order. In another life, Katie would have been a star Quidditch player.

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