5 Ways Your Business Can Tie-In With Great British Bake-Off

Wooden spoons at the ready, people: Great British Bake Off is returning to our TV screens next week (22nd September 2020).

Returning for its eleventh series and hosted by Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas, this year's thoroughly socially distanced edition of the cult baking show will see a new batch of budding culinary superstars compete to impress Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith.


Whether you're a hardcore fan or completely non-plussed (for truly, there are no in-betweens when it comes to Bake-Off), we have a whole range of ways your business can 'rise' to the challenge and get involved in the baking frenzy that's set to swipe the country over the coming weeks. 

Why Should Your Business Get Involved In the GBBO Hype?

Involving your brand in a hot topic will help your business appear relevant and current, with its finger on the pulse of what's going on. On a more fundamental level, baking is also a very positive activity to align your business with. Research has shown a third of Brits use baking as a means to help them destress after a long day at work, with the soothing process of mixing ingredients and kneading dough combining with the satisfaction of making something resulting in happy cooks across the country.

The influence of the so-called 'Bake-Off effect' is huge and not to be under-estimated. For example, a study shared in May 2017 revealed there had been a 9% surge in the number of UK households buying home-baking products, whilst the number of independent cake-makers launching across the country increased by 1,500% between 2012 and 2016. 

Of course, 2020 will see a slightly different series to previous years (according to reports, the contestants will be socially distancing inside that famous tent - and we imagine Paul Hollywood's famous handshake will come with a hearty dose of sanitiser applied before and after...), with people arguably more hungry for the comforting and cosy qualities of GBBO than ever before. ins

The 'new normal' that Coronavirus has sprung on us all has left many bored Brits experimenting in the kitchen, with banana bread, sourdough and a range of other baked delights springing up on newsfeeds and timelines during the height of lockdown. 

Why Should Your Business Plan Marketing Activity Around Pop Culture?

Whilst it's an obvious fit for foodie brands, a Bake-Off tie-in can also have a positive impact for a whole range of businesses. After all, most people like - nay, love! - cake, with GBBO offering a positive, feel-good pop-culture buzz for your business to get involved with.

So with that in mind, precisely which type of business can make the most of tying in with GBBO and the excitement surrounding the show? 

  • Companies that target customers with an interest in home-based hobbies: Budding bakers who are feeling inspired by the show will relish the opportunity to whip up their own edible masterpieces, inspired by Paul, Prue and the gang.
  • Kitchen brands: Whether you sell or fit beautiful kitchens, or related appliances, a TV show that's set within the cook-space is a no-brainer to get involved with. 
  • Younger audiences: Tap into that millennial market by providing a younger-facing demographic with the kitchen tools they might not have the budget to stretch to otherwise. You could even pair your giveaways with branded recipe cards to encourage them to whip up their very own culinary storm!

Anyway - prepare yourself for a quintet of tasty ideas to get your branding deliciously on point.

Ready, set, bake...

#1 Help Customers Mix-Up A Storm With A Branded Wooden Spoon

"A wooden spoon?" we hear you cry. "That's not sexy. That's not cool. Who cares about a spoon?" Sure, emotive feelings about spoons are few and far between - but the reality is this. A wooden spoon is a highly practical kitchen essential, which your customers will turn to time-after-time in their kitchen-based pursuits.

With that in mind, the humble promotional wooden spoon becomes a powerful marketing tool when it features the name or logo of your business printed on to its handle. The result? Brand awareness every time your customers reach for it - clever, we know.

#2 Appeal To A Younger Demographic (And Smaller Kitchens)

Weighing scales are a kitchen essential, and these clever foldable scales can be a proverbial godsend for customers with smaller kitchens.

With this year's series of Great British Bake-Off consistently appealing to a new generation of budding bakers - who, odds are, will have smaller kitchens if they're living in their own homes or rented accommodation - with your marketing can make a great way to appeal to new customers. 

#3 Become A Kitchen Staple With Logo-Printed Timers

Want to provide an endlessly useful kitchen gadget that your customers can use over and over again? Search no further than our branded timers, which offer a generous amount of space for your artwork. 

#4 Your Branding, To A Tea

Tea towels! Whether you're a baking pro or a butter-fingered wannabe, they're a cook-space essential. Our promotional tea towels offer dazzling awareness potential for your business, with your artwork printed in beautiful full-colour.

Whether they're used for sweeping up crumbs or wiping away spilt milk, one thing is for sure: your customers won't be able to ignore your brand message with these vibrantly printed tea towels!

#5 If All Else Fails, Use It As An Opportunity For Cake!

Want to provide a sweet treat for your colleagues that can also add a flourish of corporate pride to your office? Look no further than these logo-topped cupcakes. 

Whether you order them in for an office party or want to add an impressive sweet touch to an industry event your business is holding, these tasty treats will go down a storm - and there's no baking required. (Well, from yourself, at least.) Let them eat cake and all that, no? 

Main image via Pexels.com. 

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