10 Of The Best: Promotional Reusable Cups, Winter Edition

Looking for the perfect promotional product to offer your customers this winter? For a logo-printed item that any audience will love, look no further than our branded travel mugs. 

Why? Well, on a basic level, we're a nation of caffeine addicts. According to the British Coffee Association, Brits drink around 95 million cups of coffee every single day (a significant rise from the 70 million cups we imbibed back in 2008) and, according to research shared by the UK Tea & Infusions Association, over 100 million cups of tea. In short, we're a country of hot drink devotees: whether it's strong or milky and enjoyed with one sugar or two, we love tea and coffee. 

Take a moment to consider your customer, too. Are they a commuter? A busy on-the-go parent? A student? Whichever demographics your target audience sits within, they'll be able to benefit from a quick-grab branded travel mug that they can fill with their favourite drink and enjoy, whether it's on their journey to work, during lectures at uni or while they're doing the school run. Anything that can make busy lives that little bit easier to navigate is a winner 

In short, a promotional travel mug or reusable coffee cup is a popular product pick for all sorts of reasons. Need further convincing? Read on...

  • A branded travel mug is highly cost-effective. A personalised travel mug is made from durable materials and can offer long-lasting awareness for your brand. Factor in that Total Merchandise has a wide range available at fantastic low prices and it's an irresistible promotional option!  
  • A printed take-out mug is eco-friendly. Many of our branded coffee cups are eco-friendly, being made from recycled or sustainable materials such as bamboo or wheat straw. Their reusable nature also means they offer customers a great alternative to throwaway paper cups - the user can take them into coffee shops around the UK and ask for it to be filled in lieu of a disposable cup. 
  • A personalised reusable coffee cup is high-impact. With the potential to print your company's artwork in up to full-colour, our branded travel mugs offer fantastic visibility for your business. 

From a customer's point-of-view, they're invaluably useful, especially during the winter. Ideal for keeping hot drinks that little bit warmer, they can be used either in coffee shops or in kitchens at home to ensure your customers can enjoy their favourite beverage on-the-go. 

(And while we have you here: our wide range of branded ceramic mugs isn't to be overlooked, either.)

Geo Insulated Take Out Cups

We're going to kick-off our list of must-consider promotional travel mugs with our stunning Geo Insulated Take Out Cups. Available in your choice of five colours (including shimmering warm copper, as shown below), this stylish flask can be engraved or printed in up to four colours with your logo. 

This neatly-sized travel cup is perfectly sized for holding up to 350ml of liquid, which makes it the perfect match for your favourite 'Tall' order from Starbucks!

Bamboo Coffee Cups

Made from eco-friendly materials, our promotional Bamboo Coffee Cups can be used over and over again by your customers. With your logo printed onto the cup, you can take your pick from a range of bright colours for the grip and lid, perfect for catching the eye of your customers.

Ideal for advertising your brand on-the-go, these neatly proportioned bamboo cups are great giveaways for events owing to their lightweight size - and with our unbeatable low prices, you can guarantee you're getting top value for your brand!

Thermo Travel Mugs

Our Thermo Travel Mug is a classic. Budget-friendly, easy-to-hold and perfectly sized for hot drinks, soup and so on, there's much to love about this reliable easy-grip design.

Available in a wide palette, there's a shade to fit in with almost every corporate colour palette. Helping to keep drinks at their optimal temperatures for that little bit longer, these branded travel mugs are ideal for keeping your branding on display with every sip. 

Screw On Lid Travel Mugs

Similarly, our Screw On Lid Travel Mugs combines practical design with optimal visibility for your logo. Boasting sleek silver details, this smart travel mug can be printed or engraved with your branding - which will you choose?

Kandinsky Metal Travel Mugs

Also of note is our Kandinsky Metal Travel Mugs. The perfect addition to commuters' mornings, this sleek promotional travel mug is perfect for holding hot drinks or soup, and will become something of a saviour for your customers on cold winter mornings.  

Available in a classic black-and-silver design, it can be printed with your logo in up to four colours - or, for an extra-special touch, opt to have it engraved instead. 

500ml Stainless Steel Thermal Flasks

Each of our Stainless Steel Thermal Flasks can be printed (in one colour) or engraved with your brand's logo for slick awareness with every outing.

Your customers will love the timeless appeal of these sleek flasks and will think of your business every time they take a sip!

12oz Ecoffee Travel Mug

Available in a range of stunning patterns and prints, our popular 12oz Ecoffee Travel Mug is ideal for injecting some personality into your branded giveaways. 

Whether you opt to have your logo printed directly to the cup or to the grip, one thing's for sure: your customers will love the practicality and easy-wash design. 

Collapsible Coffee Cups

Now, these are cool: our Collapsible Coffee Cups do exactly what they say on the tin. When empty, they can be easily folded in on themselves for a space-efficient takeaway cup that can fit into even the smallest of spaces when not in use. 

Choose from a range of on-trend sorbet shades for a practical yet fun giveaway that your customers will be delighted to receive, with your branding completing the product perfectly.

Double Wall Mug

Available in red, blue, silver or black, this mug-sized eco-friendly coffee cup makes a fantastic addition to any marketing campaign. 

350ml Wheat Straw Take Out Mug

These eco-friendly Wheat Straw Take Out Mugs are single-walled and perfect for a reusable giveaway that will add a nod to your company's CSR (corporate social responsibility), too. 

Browse our full range of branded travel mugs and take out cups to find the perfect match for your business - found one you love? Fill out our Rapid Quote form today to get bespoke pricing for your business.

Main image via Pexels.

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