You Can Do It! Promotional Products To Keep People Motivated

There's no denying it: we all need a little extra motivation from time to time.

Whether it's getting up earlier, being more efficient at work or simply getting better at being kinder to ourselves, there's a huge spectrum of areas in the typical person's life that can sometimes require a little more 'oomph' to help us truly live our best lives. 

Unsurprisingly, work is one area where many of us struggle to keep our focus firmly switched on. Research shared in 2018 revealed almost a third (29%) of UK workers struggle to stay motivated when it comes to their day jobs; getting the work-life balance right and a lack of communication were cited as common reasons for the lull, with many employees believing any special efforts they made would be neither noticed nor appreciated.


It's not just limited to the office, of course: busy personal lives are increasingly leading to feelings of overwhelm or exhaustion for frazzled Brits. Around 60% of us are struggling to keep on top of juggling work, home lives and everything in between, whether it's getting motivated to exercise more, keeping the momentum going with learning a new language or even something as simple as drinking enough water. 

In short, it's safe to assume that most Brits - and in turn, most of your customers and colleagues - could do with a helping hand when it comes to getting motivated. Whether it's for something significant, like adjusting to working from home for the first time, or something smaller (such as trying to drink more water each day), there are promotional products that can help them with their goals and assert your brand as a pillar of support. 

The Goal: To Keep On Top Of Working From Home

Conscious that colleagues or customers who are WFH might find it difficult to switch their working mindset from 'office' to 'home'? The prospect of working from home - whether it's a proper home-office space or simply a corner of the living room - can be daunting.

Whether you run a business that's keen to find ways to keep your colleagues connected when remote working or are interested in finding ideas that might help your customers stay in the loop with their own teams, we have the perfect promotional products to make the idea a reality.

Power-up products - such as promotional power banks and branded wireless charging pads - are a no-brainer way to help with this. A special mention must go to our impressive Wireless Charging Mouse Mats; printed with your branding, they help to keep workspaces efficient and can also wirelessly charge Qi-enabled devices, too. While we're on the subject of tech, a branded webcam cover can help your employees feel extra secure when working from home.

It's not just the team communication you can help with, either; rather, providing your colleagues and customers with desk essentials that will help make keeping track of to-do lists, conference calls and so on is crucial. Whether you opt for notepads or wall planners, we have the essential items that will help keep people on the ball when remote working. 

It can also help to add a decorative touch to a workspace; something that makes it a little more appealing. We're not talking anything too crazy; even something as simple as a plant, a promotional mug with a thoughtful slogan or a scented candle can work wonders for morale.

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The Goal: To Keep The Work-Zone Separate From The Life-Zone

Chances are that the seasoned working-from-home-rs out there will have their set-up nailed. They'll have an entirely separate space for working; perhaps even their very own home office where, once, they're finished for the day, they can close the door and walk away.

For the uninitiated, however, chances are it'll be a decidedly less contained experience. We're talking paperwork sprawled across the kitchen table and laptop wires trailing across the living room - oh, and a chaotic bid to find said laptop on Monday morning after a family member helpfully tidied it away. Fabulous. 

However, with the help of some carefully-chosen products, helping customers or colleagues keep the work-life barrier in place - even when both are happening in the same space - is perfectly simple.

Simple storage products, such as a printed ring binder, can be essential for helping keep paperwork neat and tidy, whilst branded laptop bags and tablet cases are ideal for keeping devices safe and secure when not in use. Out of sight, out of mind and all that...

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  • Branded document wallets for keeping important paperwork neatly stored.
  • Storage for devices such as iPads or laptops: we have smart printed tablet covers and branded laptop bags available. 
  • Printed ring binders and box folders for keeping documents in perfect order.

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The Goal: To Stay Better-Connected With Friends & Family

Staying in touch with friends and family is something we could probably all get better at - whether it's making more time for phone calls or trading backing-and-forth-ing on WhatsApp for face-to-face chats.

The wonders of video tech means we can now do everything from host virtual dinner parties to have a group phone call with family members all around the country (and the globe, for that matter). But of course, battery-drained devices will need regular powering up - so why not invest in branded power banks or wireless charging pads to help your customers enjoy fuss-free charging? 

Along a similar line, branded items that can help make the experience a little more comfortable can also prove invaluable. Our promotional Smart Pop Phone Holders, for example, make holding a smartphone for longer periods more bearable; alternatively, one of our full-colour printed Phone & Tablet Stands would be ideal for supporting larger devices during video calls.   

The motivational shopping list 💪

  • A smartphone-friendly charging device that can be used to power-up many a FaceTime or Houseparty session.
  • A promotional phone holder to make those longer chats easier to manage (and less of a workout for arms!)
  • Webcam covers for when laptops or desktop devices aren't in use.

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The Goal: To Pay More Attention To Personal Health & Fitness

From drinking more water to bumping up the number of steps they walk in a day, chances are your customers will have a health or fitness-related goal or two. So why not assist them in smashing their targets with the help of on-point promotional items?

A large chunk of Brits have health and fitness goals on their radar, with 'more exercise and improving fitness' actually the most popular New Year's resolution for us to make, according to research recently shared by YouGov. So why not tap into this by providing branded fitness products?

Items such as promotional pedometers or skipping ropes can demonstrate you take your customers' fitness goals, no matter how simplistic or sophisticated they might be, seriously. Similarly, one of our yoga mats - which are presented in a handy storage case that's printed with your branding - could prove invaluable for everything from stretches in the garden to meditation in the living room!

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  • A promotional notebook or branded diary for writing down everything from meal plans to workout ideas.
  • Branded smart watches or promotional yoga mats to encourage customers to get fit at home. 
  • A branded water bottle, to help customers get closer to their recommended daily water intake.

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The Goal: To Have Five Minutes Of 'Me' Time

It's a miserable fact that Brits are enjoying less and less in the way of relaxation or so-called 'me time'. It's even impacted the way we bathe, with only 4% of Brits finding the time to unwind in a hot bath on a regular basis, with over three-quarters (79%) of us preferring 'speed and efficiency' according to the research, which was conducted by Faith In Nature.

So with that in mind, why not help your customers enjoy a little bit of switch-off - even if just for a few minutes? We have a wide range of chill-inducing promotional products, ranging from anti-stress promotional colouring books to delicately scented branded candles.

Even items such as our Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds can be helpful, enabling your customers to listen to podcasts, meditation apps or relaxing audiobooks. (In fact, promotional earphones can prove especially helpful if your customers struggle with insomnia.)

Want to really spoil your customers and colleagues? Our brilliant Little Brown Tube Mental Health Kits comprises a range of goodies, all neatly presented in a - you guessed it - brown tube, with your branding printed in full colour on the label. It contains a mix of products that are perfect for helping soothe minds, including bath foam, a sleep mask and even sleep balm. And relax...

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From promotional products for working from home to essential items for helping to keep children entertained when indoors, Total Merchandise has all the branded items your business could need this spring. Need help finding a specific item? Simply contact a member of our friendly and experienced Sales team on  01376 509092 today! Visit our Coronavirus Hub for more information and updates.

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Katie Clark | Digital Marketing Manager

With over a decade in print and digital journalism, Katie possesses a wide skill-set that incorporates everything from SEO to PR. Joining the team in early 2019, her expertise lies in writing sparkling copy about promotional merchandise and related topics, as well as managing social media activity and developing creative solutions to keep the Total Merchandise brand at the forefront of people’s minds. With a background that includes event-planning and volunteering for charitable organisations, she has a first-hand appreciation for the needs and questions a customer might have when acquiring promotional products for their organisation. In her spare time, she loves reading, going to the cinema and learning to cook.

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