Promotional Fitness Products For Exercise At Home

Help your customers truly work out the brilliance of your business by providing them with branded fitness products they can use for exercising at home.

Whether it's for circuit training in the garden, cardio in the living room or setting up a basic home gym, we've got the perfect promotional home fitness items to help your customers feel the burn and see your branding, all at the same time.

If you're a fitness brand by nature or a company that sits within the lifestyle sector, promotional exercise items are perfect for showing you've got the health and wellbeing of your customers at heart; especially with the second UK lockdown approaching.

From printed sports bottles and personalised skipping ropes to clip-on pedometers and promotional yoga mats, we've got a wide range of fitness merchandise that's as suitable for workouts at home as it is for your branding - so what are you waiting for? Ready, set - browse... 

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There are many reasons why home fitness is becoming increasingly popular with Brits. For one thing, the self-conscious don't need to worry about presumed judgement from gym bunnies; for another, it puts people solely in charge of what they do and when they do it, meaning it can fit in with busy lives seamlessly.

Whether it's a yoga session in the living room before breakfast, circuit-training in the garden at lunchtime or perhaps an early evening blast with a skipping rope, there are manifold ways your customers can exercise from the comfort of their own homes or their local areas, putting them firmly in charge of what they do and when they do it.

As demonstrated by the rise and rise of workout videos shared across platforms like YouTube and IGTV - with even TikTok getting in on the action, too - we're a nation who are increasingly bringing it indoors when it comes to getting our exercise fixes.

And it's not just for adults! Millions of people across the country tuned in for the first week of Joe Wicks' online PE classes for children, with kids and parents alike taking part. With all that in mind, it's a no-brainer to get your business involved in fitness-related giveaways.

No Working Out Required: The Importance Of Branded Fitness Products

According to research shared by the World Health Organisation in 2018, one-in-three UK adults don't get enough exercise.

Globally, that adds up to an estimated 1.4bn adults who don't meet the recommended exercise quotas of 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise. Modern lives are largely to blame, with desk-based jobs and 'not having enough time' both pin-pointed as common reasons for our collective inertia.  

Is your business all-out sports or exercise focussed, such as a gym or a sportswear brand? Or are you more focussed on lifestyle or wellbeing in general?

Either way, it's safe to say choosing promotional fitness products that your customers can use at home is a practical way to demonstrate you value their health and wellbeing and are encouraging them to do that bit more to look after themselves. 

A New Way To Pump Up Brand Awareness

Exercise splits people into three camps: those who love it and feel genuinely upset if they don't get a chance to go for a run; those who loathe it and will do whatever they can to avoid it; and those who sit on the middle-ground somewhere between the two and have the occasional dabble with exercise but never quite managed to stick with it. 

In short, it's divisive and with that in mind, your business needs to give consideration to the kind of home-workouts your customers might be doing (or at the very least, be interested in doing).

To kick-off, promotional pedometers are perfect for encouraging people to monitor (and perhaps increase) the number of steps they walk in a day. Walking is a fantastic exercise option; whether it's done around the house, in the garden or perhaps around local roads, it's free to do and has all sorts of benefits.

With 10,000 commonly cited as the recommended daily target for the typical adult, wearing something like our Clip On Pedometer will give your customers an instant update on how they're doing - and might even encourage them to get up and walk around some more! 

For something a little more hardcore, consider our personalised Skipping Ropes. With regular skipping proven to help burn fat and develop muscle, these personalised skipping ropes feature your branding printed on the handle - and why not create an incentivised 30-day skipping challenge to really test your customers?

Our Mini Fitness Expanders are great for helping your customers to develop their arm, leg and chest muscles as and when they have a few minutes to exercise; whether they're used in the garden, in the living room or even while cooking in the kitchen, your customers will be reminded of your business every time they pick up these logo-printed fitness expanders.  

Alternatively, encourage your customers to head outdoors with our garden-friendly promotional footballs that are perfect for a kick-about - we even have mini footballs available for younger demographics, too! 

For an exercise option that can be undertaken at any time and anywhere - whether your customers are cooking dinner or relaxing on the sofa - our Hand Grip Exercisers are a fantastic choice. Available in six different colours and clearly printed with your branding, they'll challenge your customers to strengthen and train their hand muscles in a highly effective way. 

Give Customers A Sporting Chance With Gym Accessories

Branded fitness accessories are perfect for helping to make your customers home workouts that little bit easier. From branded holdall bags for storing workout gear to protein shakers, Total Merchandise has a wide selection available, and all ready to be printed with your company artwork. 

We have a wide range of printed sports bottles available for your customers, for example, with our Finger Grip Sports Bottle 500ml a best-seller. Another popular promotional product is our Brushed Heavy Cotton Cap, which is available in eight colours and embroidered with your logo in up to 5,000 stitches. It's perfect for wearing during home workouts as well as on a more general basis and will add a stylish touch to any customer's attire. 

On the subject of wearable items, we've also got performance promotional T-shirts, which can be printed with your design in up to four colours.

We've also got items that will keep your customers safe and visible in the dark if they're going for a late-night run; look no further than our Flashing LED Silicone Arm Straps which can be customised with your branding. 

Browse our full range of promotional fitness items for exercise at home and simply fill out the Rapid Quote form to get pricing for your business within one working hour. 

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