TM Edit: Best Products To Welcome Your Colleagues Back To Work

Preparing for your business premises to reopen imminently as we all begin to embrace the ‘new normal’?

Whether you run an office, a retail space or any other working environment that will be populated by members of staff, there’s never been a more important time to consider what you can do to help make your business feel safer as you all get back to work. 


With recent research revealing that almost three-in-four Brits are feeling ‘very nervous’ at the thought of leaving home after the COVID-19 lockdown, it’s little surprise that many of us are uneasy at the thought of getting back to ‘normal’ day-to-day activities, such as going to work, browsing shops and so on.

So what better time to give your returning teammates 'welcome back' gifts that can also double as highly practical giveaways for making them feel more protected and helping them stay alert in the fight against germs?

As well as alleviating any 'Coronaphobia', giving your colleagues tokens of recognition that they're back at work can help boost morale and make them feel appreciated. You're all in it together - so taking the time and effort to show your employees you're pleased to have them back on-board can really lift esteem at a difficult time.  

Get Back To Work Whilst Being 'Covid-Secure'

If you’re preparing to welcome your colleagues – whether they’ve been working from home or have been on furlough – back to the workplace, making a few small changes to the way your business operates can help to tackle nerves and fears about the spread of germs.

Total Merchandise has a wide range of promotional social distancing products that are perfect for making your working environment feel more 'Covid-secure', with everything from 'keep your distance' floor stickers and branded face masks to sneeze-guard screen shields and promotional hygiene keys available. Whether it's an office or a retail environment, we've got solutions to help make your workspace feel safer. 

Visibly demonstrating to your team that your business is doing everything it can to ensure their safety is a great way to show that you’re taking things seriously and aren't being lax with their wellbeing. You’re not cutting corners, you’re not disregarding the government guidelines; rather, you’re doing whatever you can to ensure best practices for social distancing and in-house hygiene.

And it doesn't stop there! We've also got a wide range of social distancing products available that can double-up as thoughtful 'back to work' gifts for your employees, too. Read on to browse some of our favourite ideas and don't hesitate to get in touch with our experienced and friendly team if you need any help or advice: simply call us on 01376 509092 or email

Unlock The New Normal With Promotional Hygiene Keys

Choose it to: Reduce the amount of direct contact your colleagues have with door handles, lift buttons and more around the office.

Our branded hygiene keys can help to cut the amount of hand-to-surface contact people have with potentially dirty areas around your workplace. Best incorporated into normal responsible hygiene practices – including regular hand washing – these hygiene keyrings can be easily added onto the user’s keys, ensuring they’re always easy to grab when needed.

We have a range of hygiene keyrings available for your consideration: our classic branded Hygiene Key (shown below) is available in four different colours and can be printed with your corporate artwork in up to full-colour for unmissable vibrance. (These hygiene keyrings are also available in plain-stock, too.) With prices starting from just 49p per unit and dispatch available in as little as seven working days, it's a great quick-turnaround product to arrange for your team - and if you opt for a branded design, it can also make a practical promotional giveaway for your customers, too. 

For a touch of style, consider our slick Metal Hygiene Hand Keyrings, which are available in four smart metal finishes. Engraved with your logo for long-lasting brand awareness, they're a fuss-free addition to any bunch of keys and are available to order from just 100 units.  

Browse our full range of branded social distancing products.

Help Stop The Spread With Promotional Hand Sanitiser

Perfect for: Incorporating into other health and hygiene practices, especially when a sink isn’t immediately available for ‘proper’ handwashing.

Another way to help your staff adhere to best hygienic practices is to provide them with branded hand sanitiser gel. We have a wide range of branded hand sanitiser options available, ranging from our 5 Litre Hand Sanitiser Refill Tubs through to our bag-friendly 100ml Flip Lid bottles.

Providing your staff with their own personal bottles of hand sanitiser for use on desks and for keeping in bags or pockets can help stop the spread of germs in the workplace. Our best-selling 55ml Hand Sanitisers (shown above) are the perfect size for storing in bags and pockets, meaning your colleagues can use them when they’re out and about on breaks or at lunchtime. Available either plain stock or with your branding printed in full colour on the label, these hand sanitiser gel bottles would make a thoughtful giveaway option for your customers or local community heroes, too. 

To add a touch of eco to your endeavours, look no further than our 30ml Refillable Hand Sanitiser Spray. Another pocket-friendly ‘out and about’ option for your staff, these branded hand sanitiser bottles can – as the name suggests – be easily refilled when empty. The green credentials don't finish there: the bottles are also UK-made (hello, lower carbon footprint) and can be fully recycled once they're no longer needed.

For a desk-friendly option that will last, you'll want to look at our 250ml Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser. These are ideal for popping on employees' workstations to ensure they've always got sanitiser to hand should they inadvertently touch their faces, sneeze or so on. 

Discover our full range of branded hand sanitiser products.

Consider Branded Face Masks To Offer Added Personal Protection

A great choice for: Limiting inadvertent hand-to-face contact (which has been identified as a way to spread Coronavirus germs). We have options available to suit any working environment, as well as for your colleagues to use in their day-to-day lives, too. 

Branded face masks are ideal for helping to promote sensible hygiene practices, as well as reducing the amount of hand-to-face contact the wearer has. Admittedly, they're an alien concept for a lot of us but chances are we will all be increasingly inclined to wear them as part of the 'new normal'. 

Total Merchandise has a wide range of promotional face masks and branded face coverings available, ranging from disposable face masks to reusable face masks that your customers can wash and rewear. Some are available in plain stock, whilst others can be fully customised with your corporate branding for a product that's completely unique to your business.

As well as having a range of branded face masks available, we also have printed face mask straps too; these are a must-have item for people who struggle to find wearing a mask comfortable and are great for alleviating discomfort on the ears.

Browse our whole range of branded face masks.

Help Tackle Back To Work Worries With Promotional Stress Toys

Because sometimes: You just can’t beat a classic branded giveaway. With stress balls often cited as a reliable means to reduce stress, anxiety and tension, there’s no better time to show your staff that you are aware of how they might be feeling in the current situation.

Stress levels are likely to be high for you and your team as everyone adapts to a new way of living, working and interacting – so stress-busting giveaways might help alleviate tensions. 

We have a wide range of branded stress toys available, with options ranging from industry-related to traditional stress balls. We also have Bespoke Stress Shapes available, which can be cut to the design of your choice for a truly unique creation.

Looking for the perfect stress toy to show that your business cares? Our Stress Love Heart could be the perfect option (and is also available in a larger option, too) for adding a sweet, heartfelt sentiment to what you're doing. Whether you choose to have it printed with an uplifting message or simply with your company logo, it’s a sweet and simple giveaway that can be ordered in quantities as low as 50 units.

Alternatively, you can't go wrong with our best selling Low Cost Stress Balls. Budget-friendly and available in a range of shades, these promotional stress balls can be printed with your branding and message in up to four colours. 

Browse our full range of branded stress balls.

Cut Out Mug Mix-Ups With Personalised Drinkware

Ideal for: Eliminating inadvertent cross-contamination – and accidental cup confusion... 

As well as making a great 'welcome back!' gift, drinkware customised with the individual names of your employees is also a convenient way to repopulate the kitchen cupboards if you've decided to have a crockery clear-out as part of your new office hygiene procedures.

The beauty of custom-printed mugs and bottles is that they cut out the need for over-flowing cupboards of cups that are used by anyone and everyone. Rather, everyone has their own unique printed mug or branded bottle, meaning there's no scope for cross-contamination. 

In short: it cuts out the chances of anyone accidentally drinking from someone else’s mug, which in turn, can help to reduce the potential for germ-spreading. 

Our Individually Named Sparta Mugs can be printed with the full colour artwork of your choice, as well as the names of your employees, whilst our Individually Named Metal Bottles For Water are available in a wide range of colours and are engraved with the names of your colleagues for a personalised finishing touch.

Alternatively, our Individually Named Stainless Steel Water Bottles can be printed with your full colour artwork and the names of your teammates for a custom touch, whilst our Any Name Sports Bottles are available in a range of colour combinations and can be printed with individual names too.

Browse our full range of promotional mugs and branded water bottles.

Consider Our Anti-Bacterial Products For Desktop Giveaways

Choose it if: You want to demonstrate that even the simplest of items can have a positive impact on hygiene practices in your workplace.

We have a range of anti-bacterial products (including promotional mugs, branded coasters and printed mouse mats), which are coated with the innovative AntiBug® coating; these items offer simple way to keep your branding on prime display, whilst also promoting hygiene in the workplace.

For a touch of luxe, take things one step further by investing in this smart Vogue Biofree Anti-Bacterial Ballpen for your team members. Each of these promotional pens is designed with silver ion technology built into the pen during manufacturing, meaning it provides continuous sterilisation. Pretty clever, no? Available to order from just 250 units, this printed pen is a great stationery cupboard staple and can be printed in up to full colour with your branding for a promotional pen with a difference.

Browse our full range of promotional plastic pens.

Consider Tech Giveaways To Make Flexible Working That Bit Easier

Ideal for: Demonstrating that you’re ready for members of your team to work from home as and when required. 

If you plan to stagger where your colleagues work (half working from home, for example, with the other in the office, alternating each week), ensuring your team have all the items they could need for fuss-free remote working is key. 

Make the process as simple and straight-forward for them as possible by providing them with items that will make WFH easy, should they need to do it. From branded tech to promotional stationery, we have a huge range of working from home essentials that will make it a breeze, whether you want to ensure their devices are fully charged up or you want to ensure they project a smart brand image in video calls with clients. 

Browse our full range of working from home essentials to find the perfect match for your colleagues' needs.

From promotional products for social distancing to branded giveaways to show gratitude, Total Merchandise has all the branded items your business could need. Need help finding a specific item? Simply contact a member of our friendly and experienced Sales team on 01376 509092 or email! Visit our Coronavirus Hub for more information and updates.

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Michelle Rae Stoddart | Co-Founder and Former Finance Director

After establishing a successful career in finance, Michelle co-founded Total Merchandise in 2004. Prior to her retirement in January 2024, she was Finance Director, working closely with the Accounts and Sales teams to ensure the smooth running of the fiscal side of the business. In her spare time, Michelle enjoys gardening, films and cooking.

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