The Coolest Promotional Giveaways for Winter 2021/22

Did you know that winter officially starts on 21st December 2021? Or December 1st if you go by the meteorological seasons. With the change in the season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to consider your promotional efforts for winter 2021/22.

From ice scrapers and beanie hats to torches and 2022 calendars, we've got everything your brand and its target audience could need for the winter months.


How to Choose Your Seasonal Merchandise

With such a vast choice of promotional merchandise available, you may feel like a child in a sweet shop - not knowing where to start and the decision of choosing the perfect option feels nigh-on-impossible - but have no fear because we're here to help! With 17 years of experience and knowledge, we know a thing or two about promotional products, so here's a few questions you can ask yourself when it comes to considering your winter merch.

1. Who is your target audience?

This may sound obvious, but having a solid understanding of your customers and their needs is one of the most important things to consider when ordering your promotional merchandise. After all, you want your giveaways to leave a lasting impression on the end-user. For example, if your customers are office-based, then you really can't go wrong with a desk calendar. In comparison, commuters or people who travel for their work are more likely to appreciate a travel mug or travel wallet.

2. Determine your objective/goal

If you're investing in items printed with your logo, you want to make sure you see the results. That's why setting the main objective or goal for your promotional activity is important in choosing the right product. For instance, if you're wanting to increase brand awareness then buying products in bulk and handing them out to the masses means you might be looking at a lower-cost item that offers universal appeal (FYI, our Curvy Ballpens tick all the boxes!). Whereas, a more luxurious item, such as our Champagne Flutes, may be more appropriate as a corporate gift to your most loyal customers.

3. Make sure it reflects your brand

You want your giveaways to align with your brand's service and image because after all, that's why your customers choose you over your competitors. Making sure your promotional products reflect your corporate image means that your giveaways are as relevant to you as they are to the end-user.

4. Timing is essential!

Of course, if you're looking at seasonal items, then it makes sense to choose the products that are fit for that time of year. Gifting hand-held fans in February probably wouldn't be the most effective choice of seasonal merchandise...

Five of the Coolest Printed Products for Winter 2021/22

Fact: the British winter is cold, dark, and arguably miserable. That's why gifting your customers and colleagues alike with the best winter-designed products is a no-brainer for your seasonal marketing. Let's take a look at the top five merchandise items that you need for your 2021/22 winter campaigns.

1. Printed Torches and Hi-Vis Clothing

Did you know that on 21st December 2021, London will only see 7 hours 49 minutes of daylight? This is the shortest day of the year and throughout the winter months, the UK will see an average of just 8 hours of sunlight. That's why investing in torches and hi-vis or reflective clothing is a brilliant addition to your winter marketing. Gifting your customers and/or team members with these items shows them that you have their safety at the core of your business.

One of our most popular options is the 9 LED Metal Torch. Powered by AAA batteries, they can be used time and time again, providing the end-user with a highly useful product and guaranteeing repeated exposure for your logo. These metal torches feature bright LED lights for maximum luminosity and a practical strap to easily hold and transport the torch.

Lead time: seven working days from proof approval.

Added extra: you can opt for a quality presentation box to add an extra wow factor.

Are you planning a road safety campaign this winter? Then our Hi Vis Backpack Covers are the perfect product for expressing your message. Manufactured from 100% polyester in high-visibility yellow and with two reflective stripes for maximum safety, these backpack covers also feature an elasticated edge meaning they can be easily placed over a backpack, tightened to keep securely in place and loosened for quick and easy removal.

Lead time: 10 working days from proof approval.

Perfect for making sure your customers or employees are visible during the shorter days and longer nights.

We have many more promotional torches and printed hi-vis items available, browse the full range and order yours today.

2. Promotional Reusable Coffee Cups

As of 2021, coffee ties with tea as the most popular drink amongst Brits and with many workers now returning to the daily commute to work, we have the perfect product to tie these two things together: the travel mug! If your team members have recently transitioned back to office-based work or are planning on returning to the workplace, it would be fitting to gift them with their very own reusable coffee cup - printed with your design, of course - so they can enjoy a cuppa whilst on the way to the office.

One of our promotional travel mugs chosen by UK businesses time and time again is the Full Colour Universal Take Out Cup. Emblazoned with your design across the entire surface of the cup, there's no missing your brand's message! Boasting a 350ml capacity, they are perfect for holding the following drink sizes from renowned coffee chains: Starbucks' 'Tall', Costa's ‘Primo’, Cafe Nero's 'Regular' and McCafe's ‘Small’. Meaning the end-user can enjoy their favourite coffee chain drink wherever they are - oh, and receive a discount on their drink, too!

Lead time: 10 working days from proof approval.

Optional feature: you can choose to have a screw-on lid or a lid with a straw which is designed for hot and cold drinks!

If you're after a travel mug that will have a high-perceived value then look no further than our 470ml Contigo West Loop Thermal Mugs. Gifting your staff members or loyal customers with these elegant and luxurious reusable coffee cups means that your brand will be recognised with the famous Contigo brand. 

Lead time: 15-17 working days from proof approval.

High-quality detail: these Contigo thermal mugs feature patented auto-seal technology which makes the mug 100% spill-proof and leak-proof.

Whether you're after paper cups to use in-house or reusable travel mugs for on the move, we have over 100 items to choose from. Discover our full range of branded travel mugs and take out cups today!

3. Branded Ice Scrapers

It's a common occurrence in Britain that during the winter months you go to your car only to find the windscreen has been completely frozen during the night. The last thing you want to do is sit in your ice-cold car with the heating on full-blast, impatiently waiting for your windscreen to slowly defrost. Enter, the ice scraper! Gifting your target audience with these handy little items means they can quickly clear their windscreen and windows of any ice in just a matter of seconds.

Our Curved Ice Scrapers are a must-have coming into the cooler months. Ergonomically shaped and featuring a finger dent for maximum comfort whilst in use, these printed ice scrapers may seem simple but they are sure to be appreciated by all when de-icing their car.

Lead time: 7-10 working days from proof approval.

Choose these if you're looking to stretch your winter marketing budget that bit further.

Your customers will be happy to have your brand in their hands whilst they're de-icing their car with these Fleece Glove Ice Scrapers. Boasting a generous print area and with their reusable nature, these promotional ice scrapers will effortlessly flaunt your logo throughout the winter months.

Lead time: 10 working days from proof approval.

Perfect as business gifts for car insurance companies, driving schools, mechanics or car valets.

Our range of branded ice scrapers doesn't end there, browse our full selection to find the perfect ice scraper for your business. If you can't see exactly what you're looking for then give us a call and we can help source it for you.

4. Branded Beanies

Of course, you can't get through the coldest time of the year without a warm woolly hat - or two! That's why our range of branded beanies are the perfect choice of winter giveaways for your business (and the recipient!). The percentage of heat lost through our heads is a heated (pardon the pun) discussion between scientists and professionals, but nevertheless, beanies are an effective way of keeping warm.

Our custom branded Beanie Hats are made from 100% acrylic and are available in a wide choice of colours to suit your company logo which is embroidered to the hat for long-lasting exposure. 

Lead time: 10 working days from proof approval.

Please note that pricing is based on stitch count, please get in touch with us for accurate pricing.

Ideal for employees that spent a lot of their working hours outdoors, these Fleece Ski Hats offer that extra layer of warmth throughout those colder months. Available in black or navy and embroidered with your logo to the front, these branded hats guarantee your logo will be seen whenever and wherever they are worn.

Lead time: 15 working days from proof approval.

Added extra: 3D embroidery is also available (please note that this will incur an additional cost and a longer lead time).

Whether you're after classic bobble hats or luminous beanies, our wide range of branded hats has got you covered!

5. Printed Calendars

The start of a new year often brings a boost of motivation and the desire to enter the new year with a positive mental attitude and one of the most popular ways of doing so is with a calendar. Calendars are a fantastic way of keeping track of important dates and organising both work and pleasure. 

Our A4 Traditional Wall Calendars are equally as brilliant for the home or the office. Printed with your design to each page, these wall calendars make sure your branding is seen all year round!

Lead time: 15 working days from proof approval.

Ideal for any industry and demographic, from charities looking to spread awareness and raise funds to corporate gifts to keep your business name in your customers' minds, they fit any business' promotional goal.

If you're looking for a handy item that will help employees stay organised and productive, then our Wiro Calendar and Sticky Note Deluxe ticks all the boxes! This product combines five handy products: a wire-bound fold out monthly calendar, a 50 sheet A7 sticky note pad, 50 sheets A8 sticky note pad, 52 sheet organiser note pad, 5x 25 sheet index tabs and even a bonus retractable pen on a hard-backed, durable gloss laminated board - all printed with your logo (except pen and index tabs) for maximised advertising from any desk.

Lead time: 15-20 working days from proof approval.

Great value for money because you get many large print areas for one price, certain to flaunt your artwork in a quality light all year round.

We're proud to have a wide range of wall calendars and desk calendars available, find out more and order yours today.

Feeling inspired? Discover our full range of printed winter giveaways and yours today. Need help finding a specific item? Simply contact a member of our friendly and experienced Sales team on 01376 509092 or email today. Main image via Unsplash.

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Jason is our Managing Director and co-founded Total Merchandise in 2004. Sitting at the heart of the business, he's one of the most authoritative and trusted figures in the industry. Overseeing a business that's grown from a spare room start-up to an award-winning company that works with huge brands across the UK and employs more than 50 people, he sits at the heart of Total Merchandise. When he's not in the office, Jason likes to relax with music or Netflix boxsets, spend time with his family and walk his dogs.

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