Christmas Ideas

Corporate branded Christmas gifts are perfect for businesses hoping to take advantage of the festive season to help cultivate relationships with existing customers, or even secure new ones. The right choice of promotional merchandise at Christmas time has the potential to keep your logo at the forefront of everyone’s minds, not just for this Christmas but every Christmas to follow. Total Merchandise offer a varied selection of printed festive items that have proven to be the most successful customised seasonal gifts. This collection also includes the most current, sought after campaign giveaways that are guaranteed to make your customers feel valued this Christmas.

Custom Branded Toblerone for Promotional Gifts
72 Hour Express Service Custom Printed Toblerone
Custom Printed Toblerone

Prices from £5.94

Glitter Logobugs
Full Colour Items Glitter Logobugs
Glitter Logobugs

Prices from £0.25

Custom Printed Desk Advent Calendars for Christmas Merchandise Gifts
Full Colour Items Desk Advent Calendars
Desk Advent Calendars

Prices from £1.88

Promotional Tube Power Banks for university
Best Sellers Tube Power Banks
Tube Power Banks

Prices from £3.22

Fortune Cookies
Fortune Cookies

Prices from £0.20

Promotional Company Mini Chocolate Bars 25g for events
Best Sellers Mini Chocolate Bars 25g
Full Colour Items Mini Chocolate Bars 25g
Mini Chocolate Bars 25g

Prices from £0.70

Stress Santa
Full Colour Items Stress Santa
Stress Santa

Prices from £0.96

Custom Branded Sapling Christmas Tree for corporate gifts
Sapling Christmas Tree

Prices from £4.72

Promotional A5 Daily Colombia Diary merchandise ideas
Best Sellers A5 Daily Colombia Diary
A5 Daily Colombia Diary

Prices from £3.35

Promotional PVC Easel Calendars for workplaces
Best Sellers PVC Easel Calendars
Full Colour Items PVC Easel Calendars
PVC Easel Calendars

Prices from £2.25

Tucson A5 Weekly Diary
Tucson A5 Weekly Diary

Prices from £4.57

Promotional Printed Candy Cane Cards for Christmas Giveaways
Full Colour Items Candy Cane Cards
Candy Cane Cards

Prices from £0.81

Value Desk Calendars
Full Colour Items Value Desk Calendars
Value Desk Calendars

Prices from £1.75

Cross Calais Ballpen
Cross Calais Ballpen

Prices from £7.79

Promotional Panorama Easel Calendar for offices
Full Colour Items Panorama Easel Calendar
Panorama Easel Calendar

Prices from £1.99

Promotional A6 Greetings Cards
Full Colour Items A6 Greetings Cards
A6 Greetings Cards

Prices from £0.60

Double Compact Mirror
Double Compact Mirror

Prices from £1.17

60mm Crystal Diamonds
60mm Crystal Diamonds

Prices from £6.42

Paint Tin of Sweets
Full Colour Items Paint Tin of Sweets
Paint Tin of Sweets

Prices from £2.88

Midi Chocolate Bars 50g
Full Colour Items Midi Chocolate Bars 50g
Midi Chocolate Bars 50g

Prices from £1.07

Wireless Charging Pads
Wireless Charging Pads

Prices from £6.37

Promotional A5 Greetings Cards
Full Colour Items A5 Greetings Cards
A5 Greetings Cards

Prices from £0.77

Smart Selfie Sticks
Full Colour Items Smart Selfie Sticks
Smart Selfie Sticks

Prices from £3.36

Santa Logobugs
Full Colour Items Santa Logobugs
Santa Logobugs

Prices from £0.50

Self Inflating Baubles
Self Inflating Baubles

Prices from £0.87

Vintage Sweet Jars
Full Colour Items Vintage Sweet Jars
Vintage Sweet Jars

Prices from £2.09

The tradition of giving gifts to show appreciation is an ancient one and has been adapted over the years by retailers around the world. Christmas is renowned for being the peak selling season for countless businesses and so is in no doubt one of the most important times of year for advertising campaigns to make an impact.


Festive giveaways printed with your company logo or message are certain to help the success of any promotion. They’re not only limited to classic printed Christmas baubles, corporate branded advent calendars or customised santa hats. Most popular branded giveaways can be adapted to suit your campaign. Engraved executive pens and logo printed power banks for example are excellent choices of desirable, practical business gifts that most customers would appreciate for Christmas. The more useful, the better, as every use puts your corporate message on display all year round.


Every individual has their own idea of a Christmas spending limit. Corporate executive gifts are classic examples of high-end Christmas giveaways, however those looking to stretch their budgets a little further still have a wide selection to choose from. A festive printed chocolate bar, glittery full colour message bug or even a branded Father Christmas stress ball could be cheap and cheerful hand outs at exhibitions or events, or even function as seasonal mail-outs. There’s a promotional product to suit every budget and campaign this Christmas.

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