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Your Guide to Email Marketing by Total Merchandise: Part 3

Your Guide to Email Marketing by Total Merchandise: Part 3

In the previous two parts of this three-part series on email marketing, we discussed why it is important to understand the necessity of email marketing, how to put together an email list and subsequently break it up, when you should be sending your emails, and the importance of email analytics. We’ve got a few more top tips up our sleeve to share with you in this guide – we’ll jump straight into it.


Think about your writing style

Email marketing is often rather informal. Our top tip is to write your content as if you are writing to a friend; in this way, you will appeal to your subscribers and your open rate should increase. Don’t give people a reason to ignore your emails, invite them in with exciting phrases. Furthermore, when you write in a friendly way, this should encourage people to click through to your emails and perhaps even anticipate them in the future. Consider, if appropriate, adding a little humour to your next email. Humour can form an important connection between the consumer and your brand. This can be in the form of a funny subject heading, a hilarious video, or a witty gif. Think creatively and write creatively.


Set up autoresponders

The person who just signed up to your mailing list and the person who has abandoned their basket should not be receiving the same email from you. This is where autoresponders come in. You can tie specific emails to certain segments of people on your list; when they perform an act e.g. joining your mailing list, an email with the appropriate content is automatically sent.  These are important because they nurture your leads and lead to more sales. Some popular autoresponders are welcome emails, sales videos and basket abandonment emails. Check the open rates, click through rates, and unsubscribe rates from your autoresponders regularly  - just because they’re automatic doesn’t mean you should forget about them!


We hope this three-part guide has been helpful for you. Follow some (or all) of these top tips for your next email marketing campaign and you can be sure you’re on to a winner. From understanding how to build your initial list all the way through to being able to automate your email process, we think we’ve covered all the bases. We look forward to seeing an email from you very soon! 

Posted: 1st May 2018

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