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Why You Should Market to Students: Part 1

Why You Should Market to Students: Part 1

Students are a demographic unlike any other. If your marketing plan seems to be tailored to a ‘one size fits all’ then you may have to think again, as the rules that you normally apply to the average population do not always apply within the student market. It’s essential that, in order to effectively market to students, you need to create a whole separate profile detaining their emotions, their social media habits, and their behaviours. For instance, 97% of students think that ethics is important, and are 51% more likely than their adult counterparts to purchase from brands who prove ethical values. So, if students are so different, why should you take the time and effort to design a whole new market strategy just for them? What makes them so special? This is the theme of our current article series – why you should market to students. With Freshers week just around the corner, we thought there is no better time than to help businesses understand why marketing your business to students is something that you should definitely be doing.  


Students are an important part of our economy  
Research has demonstrated that students contribute a staggering £23 billion into the economy on an annual basis. From accommodation, to food, to socialising and non-essential items, students are entering a new chapter in their life that incurs a lot of additional spending. Students often have access to more expendable cash than they have been used to, therefore it is essential to tap into students buying habits in order to have a share of their market.  


Students will be there after they have graduated 
The best thing about building a relationship with students is that, if there is a good relationship there, you should essentially have a client for life. New brands are all over students like a rash – and for good reason! Students are in their prime time to experiment with different brands and see which they like, and which they won’t bother with in the future. For example, after speaking with a recent graduate who needed to make an insurance claim, she decided that because of the insurance company’s fantastic customer service, speed, and efficiency, she would take out her next insurance with them and said that it would take a lot for another insurance company to turn her head! Therefore, establishing a good rapport with students will not only impact your current sales, but also your future sales for years to come. With a good opinion about your business, it is likely that they will recommend you and return as a loyal customer.   


We’ll continue this article series later this week. Stay tuned!

Posted: 7th Aug 2018

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