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The Evolution of Marketing

The Evolution of Marketing

It cannot be denied that businesses have evolved an incredible amount over the past 200 years. Whilst there is no knowing what the future holds in the marketing world, by understanding how marketing has changed over time, you are in a better place to anticipate trends and know what types or marketing are a phase and what types of marketing are here for the long –run. We’re going to do a deep-dive into the evolution of marketing, from pre-computers to the digital era and see what has stood the test of time, and where we are going in this technology-driven world.


Marketing without the internet

It’s a scary thought, isn’t it? But it was once done! Think about influencers and how they are paid to wear and flaunt certain items from brands… well, this was happening even in the Roman times, where gladiators were paid to wear products. Can we get a #spon on that please?


When brands wanted to market their products and services before the internet was born, popular methods were magazines and posters, then radio and TV once they had been invented. Between the 1860s and 1920s, the main focus was on mass production whereby mass-produced goods were the core driver of sales.


Did you know that we have the Industrial Revolution to thank for marketing? After the World War Two, businesses found that there was a lot more competition now that products and infrastructure had far lower costs, therefore they had to utilise their abilities to sell their goods and services amidst competitors. Businesses started incorporating marketing into their sales plan from around 1920, and then around 1990 businesses started to consider how branding can be effective for their sales.


Marketing evolved massively from the 1900s to the 1990s, with the invention of the TV, radio and computers. With more products on the market, businesses were forced to stay competitive and dynamically evolve. It was a slow process; you could compare the evolution of marketing pre-internet and post-internet to a tortoise and a Ferrari, however this does not mean that marketing methods from pre-internet weren’t crucial.


From the 1990s, marketing became an integral part of any business’ strategy. Next week we’ll be going into detail about how the marketing world has changed from the digital era and beyond, where businesses began to realise that long-term customer relationships are the key to drive sales and company growth. 

Posted: 8th May 2018

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