Marketing Tools You Should Get to Grips With: Part 2

Whilst it would be incredible if there was one magic tool that could boost your brand’s growth, sales, and success, we must accept that there is not. However, there are a myriad of tools, some free and some not, which can be incredibly beneficial to your company. This does not replace the time and effort that must go into your marketing to create meaningful and sustainable content, however they can facilitate and build on your efforts. We’re continuing our two-part series on marketing tools we believe you should get to grips with to see growth in your marketing plan.



Hotjar have a very cool concept to give insight into exactly how visitors are using your website. Use Hotjar to optimise your conversion rates and understand how people are navigating your site. The heat maps allow you to see where visitors are clicking, scrolling, and spending the most time. The funnels show you drop-off points, the paths visitors are taking within your website and at what point they are leaving, and forms to give insight on how to optimise your completion rates. What is great about Hotjar is that they offer a free version for those on a budget or just checking out how it works, or you can upgrade for more options. See a screenshot of an example heat map from the Hotjar website below.


Google Analytics

There is a reason why Google Analytics is used by 54.9% of all websites, holding a share of 83.5% of the traffic analysis tool market share (data according to W3Techs). Would you expect anything less from Google? With Google Analytics, you can get your hands on website data; from incredibly useful analytics such as where people come from and which channels provide the most leads and sales, to things you didn’t even know you wanted to know, such as what resolution screen your users are using! Spend some time getting to know it, and Google Analytics will become key to your marketing toolbox – use it to learn more about your visitors.


Adespresso Ads

A very cool concept indeed, Adespresso ads allows you to search for a keyword or company name and you can see what kind of Facebook ads they are currently running and have run in the past. Check out the example screenshot with Dropbox below.



Which tools do you think are effective for marketing?