It's Child's Play! Best Promotional Products For Entertaining Kids

"Only boring people get bored..." asserts the famous quote that has been attributed to everyone from Westworld's Doctor Robert Ford to Mad Men's Betty Draper (via a whole cast of others). 

As satisfying as this pithy motto might be to declare - preferably with Martini in-hand and withering expression firmly on-face - it's safe to say that whoever it was that originally uttered those immortal words had failed to forget one very important thing: children.


From toddlers to teens, there's a significant chunk of time in the typical young person's day that requires a degree of stimulation and entertainment. And that's during term-time; when children are on school holidays, of course, that figure bumps up considerably, with children across the UK uttering their rallying battle cry: "Mu-u-m - I'm bored!" 

(And they're not alone. According to research shared by the British Heart Foundation, the average Brit will spend an astonishing five years of their lives bored.)

With young people all across the country currently facing significant chunks of time away from nursery, school and college, there's no better time for your brand to step-up. Nope, we're not suggesting that you and your team don your finest Mrs Doubtfire costumes - rather, we're talking about the products that could keep kids entertained for that little bit longer and help working-from-home parents edge back from their wits' ends.

Whether you're showing solidary with parents or have a business that focuses solely on kids, now's your time to get involved. Whilst a younger child might not necessarily clock a logo, a parent very well might - meaning any support you can lend in the battle against boredom will be both noted and invaluable. 

Anyway - read on for our guide to the best ways to keep children entertained at home. 

Best Ways To Entertain Toddlers At Home

The profile: Arguably the issue with toddlers isn't so much boredom as much as the fact that everything has scope to be fascinating. Particular areas of interest can include and are not limited to batteries, stairs and sharp corners...

Keep it simple with tried and tested solutions that have kept small children distracted and interested for generations. We're talking branded colouring books or sets of colouring pencils or crayons, which can be used to distract attention for even the shortest periods of time - take it one step further with printed Doodle Flags, which come complete with four crayons. Colouring Pencil Picture Packs and branded Art Sets are also great for keeping them artistically engaged - all parents will need to do is provide paper. Simple!

If they're likely to be glued to an iPad or similar device, why not make the experience that little bit more comfortable? For a higher value giveaway that can technically be used by all the family, give consideration to our Large Square Bean Bags, which are printed in full colour with your branding.

The beauty of these personalised bean bags? They'll allow busy parents to crack on - whether they're working from home or doing errands about the house - whilst offering assurance that their toddler is content and comfortable. For a similarly cosy idea, gift a younger audience with promotional teddy bears. Our branded T-shirt wearing Soft Toy Animals, for example, are available in 13 different designs and are suitable for children aged 12 months and over. Cute or what?

Alternatively - and weather permitting - spring is the perfect time to head into the garden. For homes that have their own outdoor spaces or balconies, a bucket and spade are the only tools needed for some serious fun, whether it's playing in a sandpit or helping with simple gardening tasks, such as gathering leaves or picking fruit for eating later on.

Cheery products such as our Eco Bee Seed Sticks can help parents or older siblings give them a basic grounding in growing plants, whilst watching a Paper Whirly Windmill twirling in the breeze has potential to spark serious joy. (And can also double-up as an excellent fairy wand, or so we hear...)

The RHS has also shared some brilliant ideas that are perfect for little ones to try outdoors, under the watchful eye of an older sibling or parent, from making pictures with leaves to designing a kite. For an alternate take on outdoors-themed merchandise - and with better weather surely on the way sometime soon - you might want to consider promotional bottles of suncream to help keep littles ones protected on balmy days.

Finally! Make mealtimes that bit simpler by giving parents products they can be confident won't break when in the grasp of a tot. Items such as our Unbreakable Plastic Cutlery Set are perfect for withstanding even the most creative of dining methods, whilst our Unbreakable Children's Mug is similarly robust.  

How To Entertain Older Kids Without Leaving The House

The profile: They're possibly - although they'd never admit it - missing the siren call of the classroom, so give consideration to educational-leaning items that they can use to challenge themselves with.

Whether they have access to a garden or balcony or not, older children can still grow seeds and chart their progress as they bloom into beautiful plants.

Our Large Seed Packets are available with a wide range of seed options (including sunflowers and poppies, among others), whilst our Tiny Terracotta Cubes can grow everything from Christmas trees (no, really!) to chillis. Offering matching content - be it with an enclosed leaflet or via your website - giving the recipient tips for growing their plants as well as challenging them to record progress can help teach children about the basics of gardening and plant growth.

We've also got garden toys that are perfect for impromptu PE sessions: we're talking mini branded footballs, promotional flyers and even water guns.

Pens and paper can also make great giveaways for older children - not least because they're easy to post! Whether they choose to curl up on the sofa, set up base at the kitchen table or head out to the garden for some sunshine while they work, our A5 Wiro Bound Pads is perfect for school work and learning (and they're also great for parents to have, too!)

Plain pages make these pads perfect for everything from story-writing to working-out sums - and with the option to print your artwork in full-colour on the front cover, you can really get creative with how you choose to represent your business. 

Stationery essentials go hand-in-hand with learning, so your brand could also give consideration to providing something like our Splat Erasers or Flexible Pencils to make learning that bit more fun. alternatively, you could consider storage solutions - and our Organic Cotton Pencil Cases are ideal for keeping it all neatly stored when not in use.

Equally, novelty puzzles and toys - such as a branded Rubik's Cube (featuring your artwork!) or Wooden Puzzle, which comes in a bag printed with your logo - are fantastic brainteasers that can both challenge and delight. Branded playing cards are also a versatile classic choice.

Bluetooth Speaker Fidget Spinners
Bluetooth Speaker Fidget Spinners

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For something that combines a little bit of everything, look no further than our Bluetooth Speaker Fidget Spinner: as well as lighting up and connecting to Bluetooth-enabled devices, it also promises to bust boredom and keep restless minds distracted. How's that for multi-tasking?

Simple Ideas For Keeping Teens Charged Up 

The profile: Too cool for school - but not literally, of course. A combination of educational-focused products and tech essentials are your best shout - with a style-conscious twist.

Whether they're in secondary school or college, a teen will most likely be able to benefit from some kind of academic assistance. Your brand can help them keep on track with a range of study-ready essentials, such as our Triangle Highlighter (perfect for flagging up important notes), A4 Soft Touch PU Notebooks or A5 Academic Planners.

These promotional desk planners are perfect for helping students create their own timetables for learning; pair them with one of our best-selling branded Contour Ballpens for a study-ready giveaway like no other.

Schooling aside, give some consideration to how your teen-aged audience will spend most of their spare time. Chances are it's with a smartphone or tablet device in-hand - so why not keep them fully powered-up with some branded tech? We have everything from branded power banks to promotional ear phones (and even branded speakers!), meaning they can stay connected with friends, listen to music and everything in between.

Similarly, our Folding Phone & Tablet Stands will make watching the latest Netflix series that bit more comfortable - and with your branding displayed along the base, your logo will be centre-stage throughout. 

Finally! For a fashionable twist, consider gifting a teenage demographic a style-focused item. Promotional sunglasses, for example, can make sitting in the garden that bit more comfortable, whilst a cosy promotional hoodie will keep them warm on even the chilliest of spring days - how's that for cool?

At Total Merchandise, our friendly and experienced team are ready to help you find the very best branded giveaways to match your business' unique needs. Browse our full range of promotional products for children and contact us today to receive a quote for your business. Visit our Coronavirus Hub for more information and updates.

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