Eco Friendly Promotional Gift Ideas

by Vicky Gardner | 7th Mar 2019

Eco Friendly Promotional Gift Ideas

It’s time for green to go mainstream. With more and more businesses becoming aware of their corporate responsibility to become more eco-friendly, it’s really important that the promotional merchandise you choose for your company highlights your brand's values. Eco-friendly promotional products are a great way to get your business remembered for all the right reasons.

At Total Merchandise, we can brand a huge variety of eco-friendly products for you, from recycled gifts to biodegradable products. Here are some of our favourite bestsellers:

Eco-Friendly Promotional Cotton Tote Bags

Re-using your shopping bags has become extremely important in today’s society as we try to cut down on waste. Your business can support this too with our branded tote bags. Promotional tote bags are a great way to get your brand recognised and are one of our best selling products because they’re used time and time again!

Our custom branded cotton tote bags are made from eco-friendly natural cotton and can be printed with your logo or design on one or both sides. Bags can be used for such a wide range of promotional activities as well as for shopping, carrying books, etc. They are a really simple, low-cost solution to eco-friendly promotional items.  

Recycled Plastic Trolley Coin

Branding a trolley coin is a really useful gift for your business to give your customers which will they will be sure to appreciate. They’ll also be pleased to hear that these coins are made completely from recycled plastic, perfect for eco-conscious businesses. Trolley coins are guaranteed to be used multiple times, keeping your brand fresh in our clients' minds. These recycled trolley coins can be printed on one or both sides.

Bamboo Eco-Friendly Branded Coffee Cups

Switching to a reusable coffee cup can help make a difference to our planet. We throw away half a million coffee cups per day in the UK. Help promote your business as being part of the movement looking to provide a solution to this problem by branding our eco-friendly coffee cups. Coffee cups suit almost every business because most people will drink tea, coffee or another hot beverage at least once a day - if not more! Promotional Bamboo Eco Coffee Cups can be reused again and again as eco-friendly alternatives to disposable paper cups, all while advertising your company at the same time wherever you go.

These mugs are eco-friendly as they have been manufactured using natural bamboo fibres, ensuring its sustainable production source. We can personalise colours and print directly onto the mug to make the perfect promotional product for your brand.

Recycled Notepad & Pen Sets

Where would we be without a pen and a pad? Stationery is a great promotional gift because everybody and anybody can get use from it. This particular promotional pad and pen set is a great addition to your eco-friendly marketing mix with the pad and even parts of the pen being recyclable!

These notepads look really professional when your clients, staff or customers use them, available in a great size between A5 & A6 which fits easily into your bag or pocket.

Not only can we print the notepads in this set, but we can also print the pens.

 Eco-Friendly Promotional Pen

 This pen really stands out. Whilst a pen is an everyday essential, this branded pen takes your stationery a step further by showcasing your brand's desire to be eco-friendly. Crafted with sustainable bamboo as a great eco alternative to plastic, it really gives your business a more premium look and feel.

Did you know research has shown that potential clients are more likely to bring their business to a brand that acts in an environmentally conscious manner. The high-quality finish of these promotional pens is a real selling point, particularly when endorsed with your logo to help connect your brand with your customers.

These are just some of our favourite promotional products which are eco-friendly and a great way to promote your company ethos to your customers. Every small change to be more eco-friendly can make a big difference.