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How to Write Effective Copy

How to Write Effective Copy

Most businesses use copy every day. From writing effective marketing emails to customers to putting up text on your website, it is essential to write persuasive copy to sell your products and services online. When you can write engagingly and persuasively, you harness the ability to convert your readers into customers. We’re running through a few top tips on how to write effective copy so you can do just that.


Don’t “Sell”

In today’s digital world, customers value authenticity and genuine marketing and avoid sales pitches as much as possible. Think about what people want, and then write your copy to encapsulate that. For instance, consider their troubles and goals, and if you write in a way that they understand you are aiming to help them with these rather than throwing offers of low prices at them, they are more likely to read your copy.


Use Power Words

Power words are effective words that can be incredible persuasive when it comes to writing. Copyblogger found that the top 5 power words are the person’s name (like in the subject heading of an e-newsletter), free, because, instantly and new. To pick just one of these to explain, ‘instantly’ captures attention because we live in a 24/7 world when nothing is offline.

Therefore, we enjoy fast rewards. Words such as ‘instantly’ make us feel we are getting a fast reward, activating centres in our brain. Use words such as this if you feel you can solve your customers’ needs quickly, efficiently, and effectively.


Use Emotion

Strong emotions can be conveyed through powerful words. Unlike the paragraph above, this doesn’t have to be single power words, but emotional words that conjure up images in a reader’s minds can be incredibly persuasive. The best way of doing this is to hop on board feelings the reader already has, for instance if it’s someone who is looking to order food, creative an emotive image using words of a steaming bowl of spicy ramen or a creamy chicken korma. For drinks, it could be sharing a bottle of chilled, pale pink rosé with some old friends.


Keep copy simple in order for it to be effective, and use powerful words and emotions to encourage readers to buy your products. Following these top tips should spark interest in your products and services and lead to increased sales! We hope they help you! 

Posted: 29th May 2018

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