Easy Ways to Increase Your Facebook Page Likes: Part 1

Are you one of the 50 million businesses who now use a Facebook page to promote their business? If you are a smaller business, you will understand the struggle to attract new ‘likes’ on your page and increase your following. It’s important that your Facebook page content is seen by potential customers, but you need to attract the attention of customers in the first place by getting them to ‘like’ your Facebook page. We’re going to run through paid and organic ways that you can increase your engagement and likes on your business’ Facebook page.


Keep your content regular and interesting

People will unlike your page if the content is boring – you need to be generating exciting content for your Facebook followers that is relevant to them. You should be posting regular images and videos to go with your text, as captivating and aesthetically pleasing imagery and graphics often get shared. This increase in shares leads to an increase in exposure and this will ultimately lead to an increase in likes! What’s more, you want to be posting regularly, like on our Facebook page we aim to post around 3 times per day so that the people who ‘like’ us can see that we are active, they can know what we are up to and we can share with them the latest articles or products, or anything relevant to Total Merchandise!


Include links to Facebook on your website

You want your page to be as discoverable as possible, so make sure you’re including links such as like boxes to the social media channels you are active on, so people could ‘like’ your page without even having to open the Facebook website or app. For example, check out the screenshot below for all of the social media channels for Total Merchandise that you can access from our website.


Easy Ways to Increase Your Facebook Page Likes: Part 1


Cross promote your page

Unfortunately just asking people on Instagram to ‘like us on Facebook’ isn’t going to get you a whole lot of likes, but what you could do to organically grow your likes is to point people from platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn to relevant discussions happening on your Facebook page.


Use Facebook ads

Although you have to pay for them, using Facebook ads is definitely an effective way to increase likes on your Facebook page. You can target specific audiences to make sure you are accessing the right people to ‘like’ your page. For this to be even more effective, make sure you select the option so that Facebook users can like your page directly from your advert.


Stay tuned for part 2 later this week where we will share a few more easy ways to increase likes on your Facebook page.