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What to Include in your Email Newsletter: Part 3

What to Include in your Email Newsletter: Part 3

It’s the final part of our series on what to include in your email newsletter. There is nothing more disheartening to see that people haven’t read or even opened your newsletter that you probably put a lot of effort into creating, but don’t be down about it because we’re sharing our top tips on what to include in your email newsletters to ensure your open rates increase.  



Depending on your business, it’s likely that people will be coming to you with very similar questions. Why not have a ‘your questions answered’ or ‘frequently asked questions’ section toward the end of your newsletter to answer questions perhaps about your latest or most popular product or service. You could do this in a question and answer style, or you could dedicate a short section to it, for example: Everything you need to know about X.  



No newsletter should be just text – how dull! Instead, use brand-relevant images to break up your newsletter and keep it exciting. These could either be company images, or you could get them from a copyright-free website where you can credit the photographer such as Unsplash. Whatever you choose, just make sure you include images! If you’re a real tech wiz you could look into GIFs and video too, but images work just fine.  


Social icons 

The content you create should be shareable – simple as that! Insert social icons at the bottom of your e-newsletter so that your readers can share whatever they choose from it on social media.  


Good grammar 

Please, double and triple check the grammar in your e-newsletter. It can really damage a company’s creditability, professionalism and reputation if the quality of the grammar and readability of the content they produce is poor. Send the newsletter to a colleague who hasn’t helped create it and see what they think – sometimes a fresh eye is all that is needed to spot mistakes and readability issues.   


Your email newsletter isn’t just a tick off your marketing to-do list, it’s a really great way to reach out and connect with future customers, so take the time to deliver amazing, readable content and it should pay off. Choose whether you sell to your audience, educate them, entertain them, or a bit of each but make sure that you tailor it to your readers so that the content is specific and relevant. 

Posted: 26th Jul 2018

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