Ways to Market Your Business for Free: Part 2

We’ve covered five ways so far on how you can market your business for free. From sending out products to running a content on social media, there are a multiple ways in which you can get your name out there with little to no budget. Just a pinch of creativity and you won’t even miss a marketing budget with the following ways in which we show you how to market your business for free.


Be Social

Most social media websites are free, and they give you direct access to millions of users who could translate into customers. Create your own interesting, unique content that users want to see to build your following. You can market to your following on social media time and time again and it won’t cost you a penny. Be creative in your posts – you don’t want a direct sales pitch, you want clever content that creates a natural interest in the user’s mind for your brand. Brand loyalty is key to establish when you’re on a limited budget with your marketing resources.


Go Viral

Again, this links to getting social, but one viral video on social media through extremely clever advertising can build you a huge subscriber base in no time. If you think outside of the box, you can gain lots of customers and this can result in you acquiring a large stake in the market you are in, depending on the market of course. If this doesn’t sound feasible, jump on board a viral trend. For instant, when fidget spinners were a viral craze, we ensured we had plenty in stock for businesses to put their branding on and give out as promotional merchandise. Make sure you chime in on the viral or on-trend hashtags too to increase your reach.



Like we write articles, you can have a blog too. It helps you get your company name out through followers of your blog, and you can directly talk to your audience. We post twice a week and this frequency of posting is recommended – it ensures that your followers aren’t waiting long for your blog, whilst ensuring that every blog post is relevant as you don’t have to post every day. Posting 2-5 times per week on a blog will help directly market your business to followers and it’s fun, too!


We hope these top tips help you secure more customers without you having to dig into your pockets!