Branded Car Air Fresheners For Marketing Campaigns

Smell is one of the human body's five senses, with our sense of smell so great we can distinguish between one trillion different scents. 

When we think of different aromas, we often match them with different places, occasions and objects. For instance, if you think about fast food chains, you probably associate them with the smell of hot oil and chips. Or, if you think about clean washing, you may place it with the scent of fresh washing powder. But what about car air fresheners?

We wanted to look into people's opinions of car air fresheners and find out what their favourite scent is.

How Was The Car Air Freshener Invented?

The first car air freshener was created back in 1952 when a milkman from Watertown, New York, complained about the smell of spilt milk. The person this milkman complained to was a chemist named Julius Samann. Samann had worked, for many years, in the Canadian pine forests where he had been experimenting with the extraction of aromatic oils from pine needles.

He noticed that when the extracted pine needle oils were placed on card stock, they infused to create a highly-effective air freshening agent. After learning of the milkman's smelly situation, he cut the infused cards into a fir tree shape, to represent both the smell and where this invention was made and patented the design. 

The product that Samann created is now part of a global organisation, Little Trees, the well-known car air freshener brand. The first fragrances Little Trees produced were Royal Pine, Spice, and Bouguet. However, in recent years - and as people's tastes have changed and technology has advanced - there are now more than 35 scents to choose from.

How Popular Are Car Air Fresheners?

In a recent poll on the Total Merchandise Instagram account, we asked people if they owned a car air freshener. We found that 78% of people asked voted for 'yes', they did own a car air freshener; only 22% of respondents said they didn't own one. It could be suggested that some of the 22% might not own a car because in this day and age, car air fresheners are seen in almost every windscreen across the UK.

With this in mind, we then wondered: what makes someone buy a car air freshener? So we asked the question. With 88% of votes, 'scent' was deemed the winning factor and the runner-up was the design of the air freshener being the main factor in why people purchased a particular product.

In today's society, people have so much choice available in terms of the products they buy. With everyone's tastes different, it's no surprise we received a mix of responses when we asked people what their favourite car air freshener scent is. The fragrance that came up the most was cherry. Other popular scents included bubblegum, fruity and the rather luxurious Gucci Oud - who knew you could get that as an air freshener?

We're Not Limited To Just 'Little Trees'

As mentioned before, people's tastes differ and companies recognise this and use this to their advantage by making products to suit many different needs - car air fresheners are a great example of this. 

A recent article published by Motoring Research, states the average Brit will spend at least nine hours a week in their car. Spending this amount of time in your vehicle means you will, obviously, want it to be a pleasant experience and smell is one of the main contributors to the setting. You don't want to have the constant smell of dirty football boots, wet dogs, McDonald's wrappers or cigarettes every time you get in your car. So to combat this, car air fresheners are needed.

Little Trees isn't the only supplier on the market, of course, and there's plenty of choice when it comes to picking your car air freshener - you can even buy Yankee Candle scented car air fresheners! In fact, two types of Yankee Candle products were voted 5th and 6th in the UK Best Reviews October 2019 survey of favourite air fresheners. At the top, voted as number one, is the Vicloon aromatherapy oil diffuser. This might be due to its soothing properties helping people feel calmer after a stressful day at work.

Promotional Car Air Fresheners For Your Marketing Campaign

From traditional hanging car air fresheners to vent attachments, Total Merchandise offers a variety of different car air fresheners to suit any campaign.

Our car air fresheners, pictured below, are traditional in style with an elastic cord or plastic hanging loop to hang to desired locations in your vehicle. Printed with your custom design in full colour to both sides for maximum impact. Choose from over 20 fragrances from just 30p per unit!

A selection of custom branded Car Air Fresheners  From Total Merchandise
Car Air Fresheners

10% off

From £0.30 £0.27

These vent scent car air fresheners are made from durable 100% recycled plastic and attach to your customers' air vent keeping your branding on prime display. Available in a choice of eight colours and the option to Pantone-match for a completely bespoke finish.

Cut to any shape you desire and printed with your full-colour custom design to both sides for a unique promotional product. Made to hang from the rearview mirror to ensure your company is seen by all, on every journey!

Printed Custom Shaped Car Air Fresheners with your Company Logo from Total Merchandise
Any Shape Car Air Fresheners

Up to 27% off

From £0.27 £0.21

These personalised auto scent air fresheners have an internal membrane which slowly releases the fragrance and is guaranteed to last more than 25 days. The membrane is activated simply by pulling down on the tab to break the seal. Printed with your branding in up to full colour they can be with you from 72 hours!

So, if you're looking for the perfect car air freshener to freshen up your marketing campaigns take a look through our promotional motoring items for some inspiration. Don't forget to fill out the form to receive a rapid quote!

Top image via Pexels.

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