Promotional products for political campaigns

It's official: a December election is on the cards! With that in mind, we thought we'd bring you our (strictly neutral) guide to the promotional essentials that a political party canvassing for votes might just find useful when trying to drum up positive awareness ahead of an election. 

The idea of a pre-Christmas vote has already been met with its fair share of controversy. From the initial indecision about whether the election should be held on a Monday or a Thursday (with MPs presenting pros and cons for both) to the unwelcome thought of door-stepping in the dark, there's been more than enough grumbling about the imminent vote. That said, many Brits see the decision to hold a general election as an important step forward in the seemingly never-ending Brexit conversation. And let's face it: at this point, any progress is better than no progress...

A few key stats to remind you of before we go any further: research from the BPMA found promotional products are twice-as-likely to inspire positive action from the recipient, with logo-printed merchandise increases brand awareness for 84% of people.

Anyway! All of that aside, the reality is this: campaigners across the country will be hitting the streets over the next few weeks in a bid to drum up interest, support and those all-important votes for the political parties they're aligned to. Whether it's knocking on doors or exhibiting at local events, we've rounded up a few brilliant ideas that are perfect for ensuring all eyes are on your party logo.

Of course, the product picks below aren't limited purely to next month's election when it comes to their potential influence; rather, they can prove useful for awareness-drive events your party has planned throughout the year ahead, too. That said, they're not limited to politics, either; rather, other organisations that are striving to generate awareness for their cause can also benefit from the savvy use of promotional products.

Read on for our edit of ideas - and don't forget to order today in order to benefit from our low prices and speedy dispatch! In the immortal words of Mr Bercow... 

Promotional merchandise for political parties

#1 25mm Branded Button Badges

Our best-selling printed button badges combine a generous full-colour print space with a cheap, cheerful giveaway item that can be worn again and again by your recipients. Wearable branding? What's not to love!

These promotional badges are brilliant for giving to members of your canvassing crew, with their long-lasting design meaning they can offer prolonged awareness for your party.

#2 Super Hit Ballpens

Similarly, our perennially popular Super Hit Ballpens are a low-cost giveaway that's ideal for helping to spread the 'write' message for your political party. Whether they're used out-and-about at events or are simply stocked up on for your party's local HQ, they're an absolute essential. 

These branded pens offer an eye-catching amount of space for printing with the logo of a political party - whether it's a local group or on a national level - and are available in 25 different colours.

#3 Express 20mm Full Colour Lanyards

Promotional lanyards can offer a fantastic way to identify members of your group and our Express 20mm Full Colour Lanyards are truly exceptional, making a fantastic pick for last-minute events or canvassing opportunities.

These branded lanyards are printed with your artwork in vibrant full colour and can be ready for dispatch in as little as 48 hours, making them a fantastic last-minute addition to your canvassing plans.

#4 Printed Cotton Tote Bags

Our promotional cotton tote bags are consistently one of our most popular items and they're endlessly useful within the local politics realm. The long-lasting nature of tote bags means they can be used long after the election too, ensuring awareness for your party well into 2020 - and beyond! 

These multi-functional totes can be printed in up to four colours on both sides, ensuring eye-catching visibility for your party's branding. 

#5 Roll Up Banners

If your party has a presence at a local event, our branded Roll Up Banners can make an eye-catching addition; their generous print area means there's plenty of room for displaying the artwork of your choosing. 

Another bonus? If they're looked after correctly, these striking banners can be used time after time, making them a highly cost-effective choice for even the smallest of marketing budgets.

#6 Rectangular Polyester Tablecloths

Similarly, if you have a stand at a local event or exhibition, a branded tablecloth is ideal for helping to add a little extra awareness to your presence.

Our best-selling Rectangular Polyester Tablecloths are available in your choice of 27 colours and feature your artwork printed in dazzling full colour for true impact. They certainly get our vote!

#7 Low Cost Stress Balls

Perfect for helping to relieve those pesky pre-election tensions, our classic Low Cost Stress Balls are one of our best-selling products for a reason.

Take your pick from ten different colours in order to choose the perfect match for your party, with your artwork printed in anywhere up-to four colours for maximum branding impact. 

#8 Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirts

Printed T-shirts are a classic promotional product, offering the recipient an advertising opportunity they can wear over and over again. 

Our Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirts are available in an astonishing palette of 51 colours, meaning there's a shade to suit every political party.

#9 Hand Flags

Our printed Hand Flags are perfect for adding a touch of timeless fun to your canvassing endeavours.

Whether you use them to add a decorative touch to an event your party has a presence at or simply have them to hand as you walk the streets, they're low-cost and cheery - and if you have slightly more budget to play with, they're also available in an eco-friendly design, too. 

#10 Hand Warmer Heat Packs

Our branded Hand Warmer Heat Packs are perfect for keeping chilly hands warm, no matter how low the temperatures might dip under the frosty climes of winter canvassing...

With the option to print your artwork on them in up-to full colour, these winter warmers are as useful for the wellbeing of your colleagues' fingertips as they are for adding a subtle twist of seasonal awareness to your branding. Smart, we know.

#11 Embroidered Beanie Hats

Another seasonal idea that's ideal for helping canvassers keep warm as they walk the roads in the lead-up to the December vote - our branded beanie hats!

Each of these cosy hats is embroidered with your logo for impressive branding, with a wide range of colours for you to take your pick from. Like the idea? You should also check out our Premium Knit Beanies, too. 

#12 Promotional 10" Balloons

Let's face it: who doesn't love a balloon? Choose from 20 colours and have your logo printed on the front in up to four colours for playful and impactful brand awareness that will ensure people can't possibly miss your party logo. 

Take things one step - well, two inches - further by choosing our promotional 12" balloons instead; similarly, our foil balloons offer great branding potential, too. 

#13 Reels Of Paper Stickers

Our best-selling branded stickers are perfect for members of your party to wear with pride on their lapels.

Available in two sizes and printed with your artwork in eye-catching full colour, they're available for dispatch in as little as ten working days from proof approval. 

Of course, it doesn't end there. If you're looking for more giveaway inspiration, cast your eye over our full range of promotional products - we've got mugs, bags, pens and so much more! Once you've found what you want, simply contact our friendly Sales team to get your bespoke quote and get the ball rolling.

Top image via Pexels.

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