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Things to Keep in Mind When Creating Video Content

Things to Keep in Mind When Creating Video Content

If there is anything we have learnt over 2016 and 2017 it is how powerful video content can be. Now we’re in 2018, videos are still the most powerful storytelling medium there is. You can use it for product posts, promotional campaigns, or to live stream your work to create stronger relationships with your customers. We’ve put together a few top tips of things you may want to consider when you create your video content.


What You Can Create

There is no denying that videos are versatile. You can make them short, long, or anything in between! Some platforms have a limit, like Instagram is 60 seconds whilst Vine is only 6. Facebook will let you post far longer videos should your content be the same length as a documentary!


- You can create content for both mobile and desktop experiences
- You can live stream or you can take more time edit your videos
- Your videos can go on so many platforms, from Youtube to PowerPoint presentations to your own website
- Your content can be shared instantly on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.


Why They Work

Videos work for your marketing for a number of reasons.


- Videos offer you the chance to be creative no matter with your content marketing goal
- Videos can offer ‘real’ insights into your business, such as behind the scenes of events or - meeting the people who work for the brand they love through live streaming
People can comment in real time when using Facebook or Instagram Live, so they can participate with you
- Videos are an interesting way to raise awareness of important topics


The Issues You May Encounter

Although videos are excellent marketing tools, there may be a few set-backs you encounter before you master the video world.

- You need editing skills if you aren’t live streaming – this may need to be externally sourced if you’re not an editing whizz!
- You may have to pay a fair amount of money for quality editing and photography tools to ensure your content appears professional and high quality
- There is a lot of competition for views – 82% of B2C marketers in USA have shown to use videos in their marketing


It is true that videos are very often worth the investment as it gives your audience a creative look into your company, either behind the scenes or in real time. 

Posted: 10th Jan 2018

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