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The TM Guide to LinkedIn: Part 2

The TM Guide to LinkedIn: Part 2

As we established last week, LinkedIn is not just a website that is useful for your job hunting, or a social media platform you can browse at work without getting caught by your boss! LinkedIn boasts 500 million users of its business-focused social network therefore it is key that your business has an active face on the platform. In fact, new members are said to sign up at a rate at more than two per second - this is something you want your company to be a part of!


LinkedIn suggests that you should analyse and refine all of your posts. You can track your company page’s progress using their easy-to-use analytics tool. From exploring the size and composition of your follower community to establishing which of your posts are receiving the most engagement, you can determine what content you should share based on who is viewing it and what your viewers enjoy. You can set engagement targets whereby when you optimise your updates you will begin to see an upward trend in your engagement levels as the months go on.


We also suggest telling people about your LinkedIn page, particularly when your page is new and you are looking to reel in your first set of followers. Of course, this takes time but if you promote your page on your other social media channels by sharing the link to your page, and by putting the LinkedIn widget on your website homepage, you can be sure that your page will be a lot easier to find. You could also consider sending out an e-flyer or an email newsletter announcing that you have launched a company page on LinkedIn, encouraging people to go and check it out.


Make sure you utitlise LinkedIn as a marketing tools. It’s a great place to show what your company is about and who works there, but also make sure you are engaging in relevant conversations and speaking to your target audience to entince potential customers and influencers within your field. You could be be bringing in new employees, or you could bring in new customers that can lead to sales. Either way, LinkedIn is a great marketing vehicle that should not be ignored.


Finally, make sure that your page can be found. There is no use in sharing amazing content with no one to see it! Head to the specialities section of your profile and add in your keywords to make your company page a lot easier to find.

Posted: 10th Apr 2018

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