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The TM Guide to LinkedIn: Part 1

The TM Guide to LinkedIn: Part 1

LinkedIn may not be the first social media platform you consider to maximise your engagement rates and sales, however having a presence on LinkedIn is incredibly important for your business. LinkedIn is the largest professional social network giving you a huge opportunity for professional growth, including recruiting talent, advertising events, increasing brand awareness and connecting with new and existing customers. According to EConsultancy, LinkedIn is the most effective way for your business to reach an audience that cares about your brand, as LinkedIn is responsible for 64% of all visits from social media channels to corporate website. To put that into perspective, Facebook accounts for 17% while Twitter accounts for 14%. While Facebook and Twitter audiences are incredibly important, we want to highlight that businesses should also reach out to LinkedIn users too.


So, what should you be posting on your LinkedIn page? Buffer reported that 6/10 LinkedIn users are most interested in industry insights, followed by company news, followed by new products and services. This should give weighting to what you should be posting. Have you seen a relevant news article from within your business feed? Share it with your followers! Have you recruited a new intern or manager? Ask them to say hello to your followers, either through a graphic, copy, or a video! Have you launched a new product? Share a photo with your followers! Try and keep a healthy balance between posts that aim to promote your company, and posts within your field that provide a general value for your followers.


Another top tip is to get your employees involved. Social media marketing has taken on a real ‘human touch’ in the past few years, from Influencer marketing to Live videos, people want to know who is behind the posts. You could start by ensuring that your employees personal LinkedIn pages are linked to your company and that their job information is up to date. Then, ask them to share relevant posts from your company page with their followers to maximise the reach and bring in new followers. Some companies prefer to really introduce their followers to their employees by sharing news of new members of the team and keeping their followers up to date in a professional manner.


P.S: if you want to maximise your reach, post on a Monday – research suggests that this is the peak day for shares in LinkedIn. See you next week for part 2! 

Posted: 5th Apr 2018

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