How to Spark More Creativity in Your Marketing: Part 1

“I just don’t have any creative ideas.”. “How can I come up with something creative when all of the most creative marketing has already been done?”. “Who has time to be creative anymore?”.  


It’s a generally accepted fact that in order to be successful in marketing, you must have some creative strengths. In a world that is plastered with constant advertising, it is essential to have the superpower to make your brand stand out. Unfortunately for some, that superpower is creativity, and many people struggle with it. You may think that perhaps you’re just not a ‘creative person’, but in fact, psychologists have demonstrated that creativity is not a skill you are born with, and it is not related to how your brain is wired, it is a skill that can be learned and gets better with practice. This article series has been designed to help you ‘practice’ your creativity and provide invaluable advice to help spark more creativity in your marketing.  


Tip #1: Write everything down  
When we say everything, we mean everything. With freewriting, there is no such thing as a bad idea. Get a big piece of paper and let everything out – you will be surprised how some thoughts spark ideas that you hadn’t considered. What’s more, having written your ideas out on paper, you can see how some ideas may link and go hand-in-hand to ultimately lead to one bigger, and better, idea than your two original ideas. Once you’ve got your sheet of raw ideas, you can then get a new sheet and neatly transfer over the ideas that you can definitely see working for your project. Keep repeating this process until you have a finalised idea. Warning: this process will not take you 5 minutes! If you plan on really honing your ideas and ensuring that every little idea that you can think of is expressed fully, allow yourself a few days or a week for this process. When you give yourself time to go back to a project, you’ll be surprised by how many ideas come when you’re focusing on other tasks.  


There will be many more tips coming your way in later parts of this article series. In the meantime, start with Tip #1 and get all of your thoughts, no matter how small, down on paper. Keep adding to it and see where your creativity takes you.