How to Grow Your Following on Twitter

Just like Instagram and Facebook, when used correctly, Twitter can be a powerful tool for your marketing toolbox. With a little consistency and commitment, you can easily grow your growth organically on Twitter, ultimately leading to better branding and more leads to translate into sales and profits. We’re here to take your Twitter account to the next level by revving up your followers so you can continue to engage your audience with great content.


We’ll start with a big ‘what not to do’ and that would be by retweeting those accounts full of Twitter bots that promise you “1000 NEW FOLLOWERS IF YOU RETWEET #FF #FOLLOWME #TEAMFOLLOWBACK”. Also, don’t buy your followers – people can check that and it makes your business look super shady. Instead, spend some time creating a solid follower base of users who mostly want to engage with your content and care about your posts.


Follow the Right People

Once you’ve got your profile put together with a good profile photo, a detailed, creative bio and a business location, you want to go out and follow the right audience. There are certain apps and websites such as Twellow and WeFollow that you can use to search for people to follow in certain industries or locations, or you can even search using keywords. You could also connect with people using people’s curated Twitter lists, which are lists users can make public where you are able to subscribe to them, giving you access to loads of relevant users. You can also do a classic search on Twitter to find people relevant to your industry, so we could search something like #promotionalproducts and find people having conversations about promotional products – from there we could engage in that conversation or we could simply follow them, and hopefully they will follow you back too. If you want to be creative, you could do certain giveaways to local people, for instance if you own a pizza firm and see a local tweet from a man saying he’s craving pizza, offer him £5 off a pizza if he comes in tonight! It’s simple things like this that can be very effective and sometimes make your brand go viral!


Next week we’ll be looking at some more organic ways you can increase your Twitter growth, including tweeting the right content, engaging in relevant conversations, and cross promoting your Twitter feed.