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How Has Marketing Changed Over Time: Part 2

How Has Marketing Changed Over Time: Part 2

Part 1 of this article series about the development of marketing techniques over the past few decades discussed how key video now is to our strategies, how social media’s place in a marketing plan has risen, and how budget allocations have changed. These are just some of the many ways marketing has changed over time, and today’s article is going to share a few more ways the marketing world has developed for brands.


More Channels Are Used

One brand does not equal just one website anymore. It is likely that with a brand comes:


- A website
- A blog
- A Facebook page
- An Instagram profile
- A Twitter profile
- A LinkedIn account
- An e-mail platform
- And more!


The point is that marketing now operates in a multi-channel world, whereby many channels are used to maximise engagement and reach with customers. These channels all come with their own myriad of benefits, but together they work to ensure that as many potential customers as possible are aware of your brand.



Make sure to leverage your LinkedIn, Facebook, website etc.’s analytics. The data we now have at our fingertips is incredible, so make sure you are regularly examining your analytics in order to achieve maximum ROI on your marketing campaigns. With Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and other channels, we can examine whether certain ads, articles and content are generating the traffic we want and are leading to sales. Take advantage of these amazing tools!


More customer-focused

Before, marketing used to be all about the product or service. While that is still key, marketing has taken a turn to focus on the customer. Brands are now focusing on fulfilling the needs of specific customers, whether that is becoming more environmentally conscious by switching out plastic bags or stopping the testing of their products on animals, or by becoming more accessible by taking the brand round various locations. Either way, marketing campaigns and efforts are now heavily influenced by potential customers and their habits, beliefs, and personalities. The marketing world has to recognise that people have changed; they won’t wait on hold for customer service, they will go to social media and expect a rapid response; they won’t just passively purchase an item, they want to be shown why your brand is meaningful; they don’t have limited options, in fact they have innumerable options at the click of a ‘Search’ button, so marketing must now step-up and be seen.


Do you know of any other major ways the marketing game has changed? We expect to see even more massive changes now with a rise in technology such as augmented and virtual reality! Watch this space… 

Posted: 3rd Apr 2018

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