Easy Ways to Increase Your Facebook Page Likes: Part 2

There are multiple organic and paid ways that you can use to increase the engagement you are receiving on your business’ Facebook page. The number of likes you have on your social media accounts is important, because what is the point of posting all of your amazing content if no one is going to see it! As well as producing ‘likeable’, ‘commentable’ and ‘shareable’ content, you also want to be giving users ways to access your social media platforms from other mediums such as your blog or website (see our previous article for more on this >). We want to run you through a few more easy ways to increase your Facebook page likes.


Run a competition

Everybody likes the chance to win, right?! So give your followers that chance! As you may know if you follow us on Facebook (hint hint…) we run loads of Facebook competitions using software called Gleam.io and it gives you the opportunity from whatever platform you post the competition from to give your followers extra entries into the competition for certain actions e.g. ‘liking’ your Facebook page, retweeting a certain Tweet, watching a specific YouTube video etc. By using this type of Facebook-friendly software, you can create a really successful contest resulting in loads of new ‘likes’ for your page! If you continue to run these types of competitions it’s likely you will retain these new likes too.


Measure your performance

This may not sound like it will increase your Facebook likes but trust us on this one… you need to know what content people are enjoying in order to post more of it. The more enjoyable your content, the more likes you should receive! The things you should be following are the new likes and comments, reach and general engagement rates. Once you have a clearer understanding of the most engaged with content, you can direct your future content to be of a similar type. To find these useful metrics, just use Facebook Insights and it will give you a super useful breakdown of your page performance and loads of other great bits of data you may want to use for future content planning.


We hope these top tips will help you get more Facebook likes, whether you are a smaller, local business or a larger one! The key is great content and regular activity.