Are you getting the best deals on our promotional items?

by Total Merchandise | 4th Dec 2018

Are you getting the best deals on our promotional items?

We know you're a busy bunch and it's not always possible to sit and browse all of our 5000+ promotional items but did you know you can have the best of the bunch delivered directly into your mailbox each week?

Each week we send out a newsletter with the best deal we can conjure up. Diligently doing our sums to get good prices for the most useful giveaways for the time of year or sourcing from all over the world to be the first to market for the weirdest or most innovative or most decadent.

At the bottom of every page of the website, there's a sign up for the newsletter. Just pop in your email address and that's it! Weekly delights that take less than 2minutes to read. Save them for another time or click to view them right away

For instance, this week, we sent out a great deal on Mini Calendar Pods (Product Code: 192276). This handy and seasonal giveaway comes with a custom printed calendar and sticky note set that incorporates one 60 x 75mm 50 sheet sticky note pad, five different coloured 25 sheet plain index tabs and a 12 sheet, month to view calendar (110 x 60mm) all in one! A great-priced practical year-round desk accessory suitable for advertising any business. It's at it's best ever price and to think, if you weren't signed up or we didn't mention it here, you'd miss this!

Other great deals you may have missed are for Portland Torch Keyring (Product Code: 183231), A1 Wall Planners (Product Code: 192258) or our favourite for rather obvious reasons Custom Printed Toblerone (Product Code: 196329).

So what are you waiting for, get tuned in and signed up to the some of the best deals for the best promotional items on this fair isle of ours!