Add Some Fizz this Champagne Day with Promotional Sparkling Wine

Hashtags at the ready people because it's almost time to celebrate #ChampagneDay 🥂

In fact, you will be able to raise a glass in t-minus (approximately) 12 hours, because Global Champagne Day is tomorrow! The day is celebrated on the fourth Friday of October each year, so if you haven't already, we suggest you pop to your local shop and grab yourself a bottle of delicious bubbles.


What is Global Champagne Day?

#ChampagneDay was born in 2009 by a Californian blogger and wine tutor, Chris Oggenfus. Since then more and more wine lovers from around the world have participated in the day of celebration; just a quick search of #ChampagneDay on Instagram will show just how popular the day has become.

So, how can you celebrate Global Champagne Day? The official Champagne Day website lists six ways you could get involved.

  1. Make sure it's real Champagne: Champagne only comes from the Champagne region of France, so be sure you're sipping the real thing.
  2. Open a bottle: You couldn't possibly celebrate Champagne Day without opening a bottle, so pop the cork and enjoy a glass (or two) with your friends and family.
  3. Host friends: The day is a great excuse to get together with friends and family, so enjoy a tasting night with your loved ones.
  4. Find an event near you: Some retailers, bars, and restaurants like to take part in the occasion, so keep an eye out.
  5. Recreate a favourite moment: Enjoy the Champagne you had at your wedding, graduation, birthday, or any other special celebration.
  6. Download their Spotify playlist: The founders of the day have created a must-have #ChampagneDay playlist to listen to whilst you sip your bubbles, so download it and enjoy!

And, of course, don't forget to share a snap of your celebrations and tag #ChampagneDay on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Facts That You Probably Didn't Know About Champagne

We go to Champagne as a drink of celebration, but, rarely do we think about the interesting facts and history it holds. So, here are some facts that you probably didn't know, that you will definitely want to share at your next dinner party.

1. We Still Don't Know Who Discovered Champagne

The French claim it was Benedictine monk Dom Pérignon who discovered Champagne - and after all, why would we argue with that when a bottle of Dom Pérignon is one of the finest Champagnes available. However, many historians do argue with this and suggest it dates much further back than the 17th century.

In fact, it is said the Italians played a part in the development of Champagne - both the region and the drink - when the Romans arrived in France between the first and fifth centuries.

And the arguments don't end there, the discovery of Champagne has also been linked to English physician, Christopher Merret, who documented how to put the fizz into wine in 1662.

Needless to say, whoever discovered the favoured bubbly - cheers!

2. Champagne is The Wine of Kings

Yes, that's right, it really is the wine of Kings. The capital of Champagne, Reims, became the official location for crowning incoming French kings from around the 9th century and it was during these coronations that the popularity of the wine produced in the Champagne region increased as a drink of celebration.

So, when you're next sipping on a glass of bubbly, take a moment and let the royalty sink in.

3. Hidden Treasure

During the World Wars, the locals of the Champagne region would take refuge beneath the towns in the tunnel cellars that were originally dug by the Romans; with them, they would take rare bottles of Champagne

Now, the real hidden treasure is sat with Bollinger, one of the most famous brands of Champagne and still a family-run business. In 2010, a secret stash of around 600 bottles of Bollinger was discovered, only when a wall holding empty bottles of Champagne was knocked down. To everyone's surprise - even the Bollinger family members who had no idea this stash existed - some of these bottles dated as far back as 1830, just one year after the Champagne house’s official foundation in 1829!

4. "First things first. Get the champagne." Winston Churchill

Did you know that Winston Churchill was a Champagne enthusiast and has many famous quotes involving Champagne and even likened many wartime situations to drinking Champagne? A couple of his most noted quotes include "I could not live without Champagne. In victory I deserve it. In defeat I need it.", "Remember gentlemen, it’s not just France we are fighting for, it’s Champagne.", and "Meeting [US president] Franklin Roosevelt was like opening your first bottle of Champagne; knowing him was like drinking it."

It's not just Winston Churchill that has crowned some famous sayings for Champagne, there are many other memorable quotes, too. Most notably, the moment Dom Pérignon discovered Champagne he exclaimed "Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!".

5. How Many Bubbles in a Bottle of Champagne?

If you guessed around 49 million, you would be correct. Yes, you read that right, there are approximately 49 million bubbles in every bottle of Champagne! 

In fact, whilst we're on the subject of bubbles, do you know that a glass of fizz will stay bubbly for longer in a flute glass? 

Have we got your tastebuds tingling yet? Discover our must-have sparkling items for #ChampagneDay below and pop the cork on your own bottle of corporate bubbly this Global Champagne Day.

Well, it wouldn't be right to celebrate Champagne day without a bottle of fizz... OK, so our 75cl Prosecco Sparkling Wine isn't Champagne, but it's still just as tasty! Each bottle of bubbly features a label printed with your company logo in stunning full-colour on a polypropylene label, ensuring maximised exposure with every sip.

UK Printed Mini Prosecco Bottles Branded with a Company Logo to the Label by Total Merchandise
20cl Mini Prosecco Bottles

Price on application

We also have miniature bottles of Prosecco, too. Again, these bottles can be customised with your full-colour design and feature a classic, stylish design, guaranteed to draw attention and make your campaign message a memorable one, long after the celebrations are over.

Our Salisbury 2 Bottle Canvas Jute Bags make fantastic gift bags! Especially when they host one of our 75cl Prosecco Sparkling Wines. Made from natural jute and canvas with a universal, unbleached natural colour, these gift bottle bags are perfect for a wide range of events, with ample room for your logo printed to the side.

A must-have for dinner parties, events and much more, these ice buckets keep your Champagne (and other drinks, of course) perfectly chilled once filled with ice. These cooler buckets have a generous branding area for your artwork and are easy to store and re-use. 

These extravagant Flamenco Lead Crystal Champagne Flutes are a luxurious choice of promotional merchandise this Champagne Day. This traditional Champagne flute can be customised to one side to the dedicated panel with your company crest, logo or message.

So if you're feeling bubbly at the prospect of this year's Global #ChampagneDay, simply contact a member of our friendly and experienced Sales team on 01376 509092 or email today to find the perfect bubbly promotional products for your campaign. Main image via Pexels.

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