The Best Promotional Merchandise Products for Students

The Best Promotional Merchandise Products for Students

As a student, I can vouch that we love getting free gifts. What’s more, we love it when these gifts are actually useful and unique to us. For example, a friend of mine came over to me beaming about the fact that Humpit (the hummus and pitta bread bar in the union) had a full stash of ‘help-yourself’ branded condoms on display. They did their marketing right – they’re funny, memorable and great for students. It made me think about what other promotional merchandise products I have received in the past as a student that I have found myself keeping so I thought I’d share a few of these with you today.


Kitchen Items

Hear me out here, students will always forget some kitchen utensils (we still don’t have a wooden spoon) so here your brand would be useful as well as saving them money. Consider, for instance, a travel flask, tea towel or mug; students often take coffee to University with them to save on money, and always have people over for a tea which leads to exposure for your brand.



We love comfy clothes to head to the library or hang around home – I can’t tell you the number of big t-shirts and caps I have from Bumble giveaways on campus! Items of clothing really are the perfect product to market to students because you’ll be able to advertise your business in lectures, campus cafes, and other places your brand wouldn’t otherwise reach.



An old one, and a good one, for a great reason. Students are studying, and people who are studying need stationary! I have a whole bunch of pens that I use all of the time from promotional merchandise companies – to be honest you can never have too many! If you want to go outside the box, consider highlighters, stationary boxes or erasers!


Tote Bags

I cannot tell you how useful these are! I see loads of students every day with cotton tote bags for their shopping, or to carry their sports kit in so you’d be able to flash your brand all over campus should you wish to invest in these eco-friendly promotional products.


Which promotional products do you think work well on campus? You could go classic with pens, or out-there with condoms, but either way make sure you spread brand awareness and reach out to the student market! 

Posted: 31/10/2017 16:55:20

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