10 Promotional Merchandise Ideas for Your Small Business: Part 1

Without a huge marketing budget, it can be difficult to get creative when trying to market your small business. Luckily, promotional merchandise handles the creative side for you, with companies such as ours (www.totalmerchandise.co.uk) offering hundreds of products from useful and functional to wacky and wild that you can have branded with your logo. Promotional merchandise acts as a powerful tool to increase brand awareness and generate brand loyalty, which is why we think it’s so great, and wanted to write about 10 ideas for using promotional merchandise to help your small business. The BPMA suggest that in order for promotional merchandise to be effective, it should be unique, usable, and good quality to name a few factors. Rest assured, our high-quality items are budget friendly, and time-efficient too, with our sales team sending over your quote within 60 minutes. With the practical side out of the way, lets crack on with the first of our 10 ideas for using promotional merchandise for your small business to make big sales.


Promotional water bottles

We cannot stress enough right now how big the reusable water bottle hype is! Jump on this trend! In fact, we do hope it’s not just a trend  (we highly doubt it, the reusable water bottle is here to stay) as they’re eco-friendly, trendy, and offer a large space for your logo. With popular reality TV shows hyping up reusable water bottles, they’re more popular than ever. Moreover, as we are recommended by the NHS to be drinking roughly 6-8 glasses of water per day, you will be encouraging users to stay hydrated whilst displaying your brand. You can go for a reusable sturdy plastic bottle, or for a stronger, long-lasting aluminium water bottle. We stock them all!


Cotton tote bags

Similar to above, cotton tote bags are becoming increasingly popular as individuals become more and more environmentally conscious. Instead of using the plastic bags provided at a charge by supermarkets, individuals are reducing their waste by bringing their own cotton tote bags. They’ve got a large space for branding, and with their increasing popularity now is the chance to get your brand noticed and seen by people on the local high street. Our top tip is to keep the branding simple and go for stand-out, eye-catching colours to draw passer-by’s eyes to your logo.


Next week we’ll crack on with the remaining 8 great ideas to use promotional merchandise for your business.