Low Cost Items

When a budget is crucial to your marketing and promotion then these branded gift items are best suited to your strategy with maximum exposure for little spend. Save and promote your message, brand, company name or logo with our low priced printed gifts today.

Custom branded Cotton Tote Bags for events
Best Sellers Cotton Tote Bags
Cotton Tote Bags

Prices from £0.58

Custom Brite Mat Coaster for desk merchandise
Best Sellers Brite Mat Coaster
Full Colour Printed Products Brite Mat Coaster
Eco Friendly Brite Mat Coaster
Brite Mat Coaster

Prices from £0.27

Branded Curvy Ballpens for workplace
Best Sellers Curvy Ballpens
Full Colour Printed Products Curvy Ballpens
Curvy Ballpens

Prices from £0.15

Promotional Mint Cards merchandise ideas
Best Sellers Promotional Mint Cards
Full Colour Printed Products Promotional Mint Cards
72 Hour Express Service Promotional Mint Cards
Promotional Mint Cards

Prices from £0.28

Promotional Message Bugs for office desks
Best Sellers Promotional Message Bug
Full Colour Printed Products Promotional Message Bug
Promotional Message Bug

Prices from £0.16

Custom Adult Silicon Wristbands for Festivals
Best Sellers Adult Silicon Wristbands
Adult Silicon Wristbands

Prices from £0.15

Promotional Low Cost Stress Balls merchandise ideas
Best Sellers Low Cost Stress Balls
Full Colour Printed Products Low Cost Stress Balls
Low Cost Stress Balls

Prices from £0.50

Promotional Company Sticky Notes 3x3 for workplaces
Best Sellers Sticky Notes 3x3
Full Colour Printed Products Sticky Notes 3x3
Sticky Notes 3x3

Prices from £0.22

Printed Loopy Keyrings for events
Best Sellers Loopy Keyrings
Loopy Keyrings

Prices from £0.23

Customised Company Wooden Spectrum Pencils for workplaces
5 Day Express Service Spectrum Pencils
Best Sellers Spectrum Pencils
Spectrum Pencils

Prices from £0.09

Printed Super Hit Ballpen merchandise ideas
Best Sellers Super Hit Ballpen
Full Colour Printed Products Super Hit Ballpen
Super Hit Ballpen

Prices from £0.18

Promotional Portland Torch Keyring for merchandise giveaways
5 Day Express Service Portland Torch Keyring
Best Sellers Portland Torch Keyring
Full Colour Printed Products Portland Torch Keyring
Portland Torch Keyring

Prices from £0.40

Branded Seed Packets for outdoor giveaways
Full Colour Printed Products Seed Packets
Eco Friendly Seed Packets
Seed Packets

Prices from £0.28

Promotional Button Badges for giveaways
Best Sellers Button Badges 25mm
Full Colour Printed Products Button Badges 25mm
Button Badges 25mm

Prices from £0.08

Printed event Hand Flags for sporting events
Full Colour Printed Products Hand Flags
Hand Flags

Prices from £0.18

Promotional Printed Lollies for marketing merchandise
Full Colour Printed Products Printed Lollies
Printed Lollies

Prices from £0.22

Printed Promosafe YoYo with logos
Promosafe YoYo

Prices from £0.33

Printed Condom Foils for university ideas
Best Sellers Printed Condom Foils
Full Colour Printed Products Printed Condom Foils
Printed Condom Foils

Prices from £0.28

Promotional Labelled Tea Bags coucil merchandise
Best Sellers Labelled Tea Bags
Full Colour Printed Products Labelled Tea Bags
Labelled Tea Bags

Prices from £0.22

Printed Solid Calico Ballpens for desks
48 Hour Express Service Solid Calico Ballpens
Solid Calico Ballpens

Prices from £0.18

Promotional Plastic 30cm Ruler for council giveaways
Best Sellers Plastic 30cm Ruler
Full Colour Printed Products Plastic 30cm Ruler
Plastic 30cm Ruler

Prices from £0.33

Promotional Plastic 15cm Ruler for school merchandise
Full Colour Printed Products Plastic 15cm Ruler
Plastic 15cm Ruler

Prices from £0.23

Promotional Giveaway Rock Sweets for businesses
Best Sellers Rock Sweets
Rock Sweets

Prices from £0.07

Promotional Soft Enamel Badges Bespoke Shaped for Corporate Branding
Soft Enamel Badges

Prices from £0.26

Promotional Fortune Cookies for restaurants
Fortune Cookies

Prices from £0.20

Promotional P5 Keyring for council giveaways
Best Sellers P5 Keyring
Full Colour Printed Products P5 Keyring
P5 Keyring

Prices from £0.22

Value Cotton T Shirts
Value Cotton T Shirts

Prices from £1.89

Laminated Card Bookmark
Full Colour Printed Products Laminated Card Bookmark
Laminated Card Bookmark

Prices from £0.10

Icemaster Ice Scraper
Eco Friendly Icemaster Ice Scraper
Icemaster Ice Scraper

Prices from £0.32

Printed A6 Note Pads for universities
Best Sellers A6 Note Pads
Full Colour Printed Products A6 Note Pads
A6 Note Pads

Prices from £0.18

Promotional Standard Pencil for printing with company message
Full Colour Printed Products Standard Pencil
72 Hour Express Service Standard Pencil
Standard Pencil

Prices from £0.10

Q Mat Mousemat
Full Colour Printed Products Q Mat Mousemat
Q Mat Mousemat

Prices from £0.61

Promotional 55mm Button Badges printed with company logo
Full Colour Printed Products 55mm Button Badges
55mm Button Badges

Prices from £0.11

Printed Beer Mats for bar marketing
Best Sellers Beer Mats
Full Colour Printed Products Beer Mats
Eco Friendly Beer Mats
Beer Mats

Prices from £0.09

Printed Syringe Pens for medical merchandise
Syringe Pens

Prices from £0.24

Bubble Blower
Bubble Blower

Prices from £0.58

Promotional Golf Pencils with Eraser with company logo
Golf Pencils with Eraser

Prices from £0.08

Promotional Tea Bags printed company logo
Full Colour Printed Products Promotional Tea Bags
Promotional Tea Bags

Prices from £0.08

Promotional White Vinyl Stickers printed with company logo
Full Colour Printed Products Vinyl Stickers
Vinyl Stickers

Prices from £0.11

Printed A7 Note Pads for council giveaways
Full Colour Printed Products A7 Note Pads
A7 Note Pads

Prices from £0.12

Value Cambridge Mugs
Value Cambridge Mugs

Prices from £0.99

Chocolate Neapolitans
Full Colour Printed Products Chocolate Neapolitans
Chocolate Neapolitans

Prices from £0.13

Promotional Q-Mat drinks coasters for desks
Full Colour Printed Products Q Mat Coaster
Q Mat Coaster

Prices from £0.19

Embossed Foam Keyrings
Embossed Foam Keyrings

Prices from £0.25

Budget is key for promotional activity, and it doesn't always have to be the most expensive branded goods that work, we have a massive range of budget friendly promotional merchandise available on express delivery.

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