Event and Exhibition Ideas

Here we have compiled a selection of branded gift ideas for your company conference, event or exhibition,  though we can source a much wider range of promotional gifts specific to your requirements.

Custom branded Cotton Tote Bags for events
Best Sellers Cotton Tote Bags
Cotton Tote Bags

Prices from £0.58

Branded Curvy Ballpens for workplace
Best Sellers Curvy Ballpens
Full Colour Printed Products Curvy Ballpens
Curvy Ballpens

Prices from £0.15

Promotional Mint Cards merchandise ideas
Best Sellers Promotional Mint Cards
Full Colour Printed Products Promotional Mint Cards
72 Hour Express Service Promotional Mint Cards
Promotional Mint Cards

Prices from £0.28

Promotional Message Bugs for office desks
Best Sellers Promotional Message Bug
Full Colour Printed Products Promotional Message Bug
Promotional Message Bug

Prices from £0.16

Promotional Printed USB Flashdrive Twist
Best Sellers USB Flashdrive Twist
Full Colour Printed Products USB Flashdrive Twist
USB Flashdrive Twist

Price on application

Custom Adult Silicon Wristbands for Festivals
Best Sellers Adult Silicon Wristbands
Adult Silicon Wristbands

Prices from £0.15

Magic Cube
Full Colour Printed Products Magic Cube
Magic Cube

Prices from £1.79

Promotional Company Sticky Notes 3x3 for workplaces
Best Sellers Sticky Notes 3x3
Full Colour Printed Products Sticky Notes 3x3
Sticky Notes 3x3

Prices from £0.22

Printed Loopy Keyrings for events
Best Sellers Loopy Keyrings
Loopy Keyrings

Prices from £0.23

Printed Super Hit Ballpen merchandise ideas
Best Sellers Super Hit Ballpen
Full Colour Printed Products Super Hit Ballpen
Super Hit Ballpen

Prices from £0.18

Printed Triangle Bunting for party merchanise
Triangle Bunting

Prices from £10.75

Promotional Roll Up Banners for council ideas
Best Sellers Roll Up Banners
Full Colour Printed Products Roll Up Banners
72 Hour Express Service Roll Up Banners
Roll Up Banners

Prices from £49.30

Printed Feather Banner Flags for festivals
Best Sellers Feather Banner Flags
Full Colour Printed Products Feather Banner Flags
Feather Banner Flags

Prices from £37.95

Custom Printed A5 Note Pad for universities
Best Sellers A5 Note Pad
Full Colour Printed Products A5 Note Pad
A5 Note Pad

Prices from £0.33

Promotional Button Badges for giveaways
Best Sellers Button Badges 25mm
Full Colour Printed Products Button Badges 25mm
Button Badges 25mm

Prices from £0.08

Promotional Rubik's Cube for merchandise gifts
Special Offer
Best Sellers Rubiks Cube
Full Colour Printed Products Rubiks Cube
Rubiks Cube

Prices from £4.00 £3.60

Printed event Hand Flags for sporting events
Full Colour Printed Products Hand Flags
Hand Flags

Prices from £0.18

Promotional Printed Lollies for marketing merchandise
Full Colour Printed Products Printed Lollies
Printed Lollies

Prices from £0.22

Printed Metal Staff Name Badges for businesses
Full Colour Printed Products Metal Staff Name Badges
Metal Staff Name Badges

Prices from £1.38

Promotional Giveaway Rock Sweets for businesses
Best Sellers Rock Sweets
Rock Sweets

Prices from £0.07

Promotional P5 Keyring for council giveaways
Best Sellers P5 Keyring
Full Colour Printed Products P5 Keyring
P5 Keyring

Prices from £0.22

Promotional Company Mini Chocolate Bars 25g for events
Best Sellers Mini Chocolate Bars 25g
Full Colour Printed Products Mini Chocolate Bars 25g
Mini Chocolate Bars 25g

Prices from £0.70

Promotional Stress Love Heart for office giveaways
Full Colour Printed Products Stress Love Heart
Stress Love Heart

Prices from £0.56

Stress Cube
Full Colour Printed Products Stress Cube
Stress Cube

Prices from £1.00

Medium Snafooz Puzzle
Medium Snafooz Puzzle

Prices from £0.72

Promotional Curvy Stylus Ballpens university ideas
Best Sellers Curvy Stylus Ballpens
Full Colour Printed Products Curvy Stylus Ballpens
Curvy Stylus Ballpens

Prices from £0.38

A5 Rectangular Bunting
Full Colour Printed Products A5 Rectangular Bunting
A5 Rectangular Bunting

Prices from £10.75

Promotional 20mm Polyester Lanyards for events
20mm Polyester Lanyards

Prices from £0.37

Printed Teardrop Banner Flags with company deisngs
Full Colour Printed Products Teardrop Banner Flags
Teardrop Banner Flags

Prices from £37.95

Bottle Opener Keyring
Bottle Opener Keyring

Prices from £0.53

Printed Stress Balls for office merchandise
Full Colour Printed Products Stress Balls
Stress Balls

Prices from £0.51

Express Budget Folder for workplaces
Express Budget Folder

Prices from £3.62

Promotional Rectangle Mint Tins for company giveaways
Full Colour Printed Products Rectangle Mint Tins
Rectangle Mint Tins

Prices from £0.64

Promotional Arena Plastic Cups with artwork
Arena Plastic Cups

Prices from £0.51

Promotional Pull Reel Pass Holders for events
Full Colour Printed Products Pull Reel Pass Holders
Pull Reel Pass Holders

Prices from £0.42

Square Keyring
Square Keyring

Prices from £0.27

Stress Smart Phone
Full Colour Printed Products Stress Smart Phone
Stress Smart Phone

Prices from £1.20

Events, Exhibitions and Conferences are a sure fire way if promoting your company brand using our massive range of printed merchandise.

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