The TM Edit: Promotional Health Products To Show Customers You Care

Show customers your business cares on a whole new level by giving some thought to the promotional products that can tap into their health and wellbeing rituals.

From promotional wet wipes to branded plasters and printed glasses cleaning kits to branded ice packs, Total Merchandise has an array of branded health products that are perfect for ensuring your customers feel fantastic.

With your branding on display with every use, they assert your business as a reassuring presence in your customers' lives and they'll think of your business with every use. How's that for a win-win...?


Why Should Your Business Invest In Promotional Health Items?

Even if your brand has nothing to do with the health industry, gifting your customers and colleagues promotional health products is a great way to generate positive recognition of your business. It shows your clients that you have their welfare at the core of your organisation - and in our fast-paced modern world, this is more important now than ever before. 

And it doesn't end there. By gifting your target audience branded hygiene products, you're putting your logo - quite literally - into the hands of your customers. Choosing a practical health or hygiene-related giveaway is a fantastic opportunity to subtly remind your customers that your business is there when they need you the most.

Whether it's preventing residue being left by their 11am cuppa (hey there, Anti-Bacterial Hardtop Coaster) or helping them deal with an unexpected papercut (you're up, Travel Plasters), your customers will be reminded of your brand every time they reach for your product.

Another pro of choosing this type of item for your next marketing campaign? Most of our branded health items are perfectly sized for fitting through letterboxes, making them a fantastic choice for mail-out campaigns and a great accompaniment to a call-to-action. The meaning? Your customers don't even need to leave the comfort of their own homes to be positively reminded of your business and its service.

Of course, those are just a few of the benefits of choosing promotional health products or branded hygiene items for your next giveaway - so with that in mind, let's take a look at some of our best-selling promotional health and hygiene items for your next wellbeing campaign.

1. Travel Kits Will Ensure Your Brand Is On-Hand At All Times

Let's kick off with a range of promotional health products that can incorporate something for every scenario. Total Merchandise is proud to offer a wide range - upwards of 30, to be precise - of health and hygiene-themed kits, with variations available for a huge range of industries and scenarios. 

Take, for example, our Hygiene Travel Boxes (shown below). Each one can be branded with your corporate artwork in up-to full colour and contains a hygiene cloth, a pair of disposable gloves, two cleaning cloths and two refreshment cloths. Similarly, our My Kit Protection sets come with everything your customers need for basic hygiene on-the-go, including a face mask and cleansing wipes. 

Printed Hygiene Travel Boxes
Hygiene Travel Boxes

Price on application

And it doesn't end there - we've got everything from Mini Hangover Kits (great for festival-themed giveaways or for freshers' events) to Sunburn Kits via Hotel Kits (ideal for giving to checking-in guests), Kids' First Aid KitsFirst Aid For Runners... And we even have a health kit for pets!

Finally: research shared by Protecting in 2019 revealed 92% of Brits would be unable to name the basic items that feature in a First Aid kit. Help eliminate the doubt once and for all by providing your customers and staff with their very own First Aid kits, printed with your branding in up-to full colour? Whether they're used at home, at work or kept in the car, each kit is packed with essentials that will align your brand with comfort and care. 

2. Encourage Customers To Make Time For A Mental Recharge

The conversations around mental health and wellbeing have been growing louder and louder over the last couple of years - and with good cause. There are a huge range of stats out there that suggest Brits have never been more frazzled than they are at the moment, with one study suggesting 74% of Brits felt 'unable to cope' in 2018; similarly, another stat suggests the average Brit will spend more time working each day than they will relaxing, sleeping or soaking up Vitamin D outdoors. So it's very little wonder that a hefty percentage of us are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, is it?

With all that in mind, items such as The Little Brown Tube Mental Health Kit are perfect for encouraging your customers and colleagues alike to put themselves first, even if just for a few minutes of the day.

Each of these branded mental health products comes complete with four goodies that are as luxe as they are relaxing. Your lucky recipients will be treated to a sleep balm, a sleep mask, a roll-on pulse point and a bottle of natural relaxing foam bath, all neatly contained within an eco-friendly cardboard tube that's printed with your full colour branding.

Complete the gift by presenting customers with branded notebooks that they can use to record their feelings or for jotting down all the thoughts they've been holding in their heads - after all, journaling can be a powerful tool for better mental health. Or, for a throwback touch - why not consider promotional anti-stress colouring books?

P.S. Don't underestimate the power of a good cup of tea or coffee when it comes to helping your audience have a few moments of respite from their busy lives. Add a health-conscious twist by offering them the opportunity to enjoy their favourite brew in our Anti-Bacterial Durham Mug.

3. Bless Your Customers With Branded Tissues

Achoo! No sneeze is complete without a 'bless you' being thrown in the direction of the sneezer (technical term, we checked) - and although you might not be there every time your customer sneezes, you can be there in mind with a pack of promotional tissues.

On that note, why do we say 'bless you' when someone sneezes? Well, the origin of this strange social convention is a bit uncertain. The most popular theory is that it started in Rome back in 590AD, when, according to legend, Pope Gregory I suggested that saying 'God bless you' after a sneeze would protect the person from death.

4. Help Customers Get Their Forty Winks With Printed Eye Masks

Did you know that the quality of your sleep can impact both your mental and physical health, affecting your productivity, emotional balance, brain and heart health, immune system, weight, creativity, vitality... Yup, sleep is kind of a big deal.

Help your customers get a good night's sleep with printed sleep masks. Some may argue they're just accessories for the pampered but they're actually scientifically proven to help people enjoy a better night's sleep. And you can't argue with science! They're also recommended as aids for certain painful conditions, including migraines.

And, it doesn't end there. Promotional eye masks for sleeping can even protect your skin and prevent puffy eyes. What's not to love?

5. Put Your Brand In Your Customers' Hands With Bamboo Toothbrushes

Looking to put your brand in the hands of your customers - quite literally - morning and night? Search no further than promotional toothbrushes! Promoting the importance of oral hygiene and guaranteed to be used at least twice (well - hopefully) a day, branded toothbrushes are a promotional product your customers can't live without. Our Bamboo Toothbrushes, shown below, are also great for adding an eco-friendly touch to your corporate image. 

Amazingly, forms of the toothbrush have been used since 3000 B.C; the toothbrush as we know it today, however, didn't hit the oral hygiene scene until 1938.

Show your customers you have their wellbeing at the core of your business with promotional health and hygiene items. No matter your industry and target audience, Total Merchandise has the perfect promotional health products to match your campaign. Contact our friendly Sales team or fill out our Rapid Quote form to receive bespoke pricing today.

Main image from Pexels.

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With five years of experience across both agency and client-side digital marketing, Ally brings a wide range of expertise to the TM team. Ally possesses the technical and creative abilities to create engaging promotional merchandise content and paid media campaigns. A keen photographer, Ally also takes many of the shots you'll see in our articles and social posts. Outside of work, she assists at a local smallholding and has developed a love for all animals, including her African Grey Parrot - Maxwell.

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