The Best Promotional Products To Make Lunchtime Easier

Lunchtime! Everyone has their own ritual for this most hallowed of meals, be it a quick bite grabbed at an office desk, a stroll outside to indulge in some al-fresco dining or simply heading to the staffroom for a brief switch-off. 

According to research, the typical working Brit takes a 34-minute lunchbreak each day, whilst over half (52%) skip lunchtime altogether. Whether your customers grab a quick bite at their desks or enjoy a more leisurely approach to lunchtime, chances are they will be open to a little assistance to make the transporting of their meal that little bit easier.


We're talking about a personalised lunch box, people - the defender of dainty sandwiches, easy-to-crush bags of crisps and squashable fruit across the land. 

And it doesn't end with branded lunch boxes. Why not enable your customers/colleagues/etc to expand their lunchtime horizons by arming them with thermal lunch flasks that can hold hot dishes (think pasta, casserole and so on), classic flasks that can accommodate hot soup, or easy-to-carry promotional lunch bags, printed with your logo?

How promotional products can improve lunchtimes

As well as enabling your customers to enjoy a proper lunch each day, there is a wide range of other reasons why they might like to consider using a promotional lunchbox. The pros for the user include:

  • Cost-effective: Bringing their own means customers are able to save the money they'd spend on lunches.
  • Eco-friendly: A reusable lunch box or lunch bag can help reduce the amount of single-use plastic customers use. 
  • Nutritious: Eating well throughout the day can help power brains and keep people on tip-top form. 

And of course, the pros for your business are manifold; with your branding on display each day, it offers free advertising with every use, as well as associating your company with good things (that's to say, food and a bit of respite). 

Read on for our whirlwind guide to the scenarios that your customers can wave bye-bye to, all thanks to the help of a promotional lunch box. 

#1 Feeling 'hangry' will become a thing of the past.

We all have that one colleague - the one who once tried to get a Twix multipack Deliveroo'd to the office because they were no longer able to think cohesively without drooling. "I'm! Fine!" they snarled as they rummaged through the communal office kitchen, trying to find something - anything! - that would get them through their 4pm sugar slump. They didn't find anything in the cupboards and they also got a HR warning for ranting at the intern, who had innocently pointed out that there was only an hour left until home time.

The next day, radiating sunbeams and joy, the Very Hungry Colleague-Pillar (kind of works?) explained blithely that they had simply been 'hangry'; a word-fusion now so prevalent, that conveys so much and yet so little, that it has its very own listing in the Oxford English Dictionary. We kid you not.

Anyway. Armed with branded lunch boxes or lunch bags, your customers can stock up on all the snacks they desire - perfect for keeping them satisfied throughout the working day, as well as ensuring the 'hanger' is firmly at bay. 

#2 There's no longer any need to spend a fortune on eating out.  

Gone are the days of forking out for an over-priced bag of crisps in the nearby corner shop that you know, deep down, you could get for a fraction of the price in a supermarket.

Nope, instead, here you are, paying above the odds for a thoroughly average sandwich, which, judging by the amount you just handed over, has taken on a value matched only by that of gold, diamonds and Ed Sheeran lyrics. But it's fine, because you can't put a value on happiness, right? (Your bank statement would beg to disagree but hey, detail.)

Of course, the value of presenting your customers and colleagues with their very own branded lunch boxes is this: it puts them fully in control. If they can be organised enough to prep their own lunches in advance, they're on to a winner - and so is your brand awareness. Reducing their need to spend any extra cash throughout their working day, they can create their favourite lunches and have something delicious to look forward to as well as extra money in the bank. Win-win, no?

#3 You won't be disappointed about what isn't on the menu.

The problem with not bringing in your own lunch to work each day is this: it leads to fantasising. What will you have today? A meal deal? A takeaway? That really delicious sandwich that only the cafe downstairs seems to make? 

Of course, the problem with cravings is they can lead to disappointment if they can't be filled. The beauty of filling your own lunchbox, therefore, is you know exactly what you've got to look forward to. There's no need to wistfully daydream about that sausage roll you hope the sandwich van has on-board or to pine for a speciality wrap from the cafe downstairs only to discover they don't have any in stock. Rather - and not to be too dramatic here - you're fully in control of your own destiny. 

#4 It can help to reduce the use of single-use plastics. 

Buying lunch each day comes with swathes of packaging. Whether it's crisp packets or salad pots, sandwich packets or chocolate wrappers, there's a lot of scope for single-use plastics to be used all in the name of lunch - and unless your office has a tip-top recycling policy, chances are it will end up discarded in the general rubbish.

As well as eliminating the need for chucking plastic and paper, a lunchbox made from eco-friendly materials can help bring an additional green twist to any business' marketing endeavours. Products such as our Match Eco Lunch Boxes, shown above, are ideal for adding a thoroughly eco-savvy nod to any campaign. 

#5 Food-shaming becomes a thing of the past.

Picture the scene: you've just returned to the office after popping out to grab some lunch that you can have at your desk. "Bought another jacket potato, have you?" enquires your colleague in a tone that manages to be both arched yet innocent. This is the fifth time she's asked this week. And sure, it's only Tuesday - but what's it to her? 

If you're tired of having your freshly-purchased lunch on prime display for one and all to see (and comment on), the privacy a lunch box can afford is not to be underestimated - no cameras, please.

At Total Merchandise, our friendly and experienced team are ready to help you find the very best promotional products to match your business' unique needs. Browse our full range of best-selling merchandise to kick-start your search and contact us today to receive a quote for your company.

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