The Best Promotional Products To Fit In With National Fitness Day

National Fitness Day is sprinting into sight! With the goal of celebrating exercise and shining a light on the role it has to play within the UK, the awareness day is all about the importance of leading a healthy, active lifestyle.

With 'getting fit' meaning something different to each and every one of us, the event is all about breaking down fitness barriers and stereotypes, proving fitness and the undeniable feel-good factor of working out can be enjoyed by anyone.

Last year's edition of the event saw upwards of four million Brits 'get active' in the name of #NationalFitnessDay, including 1.25 million children. Over 58,000 professionals got involved too, with workplaces across the country signing up to classes and workout sessions on the day. 

Okay - So What Is National Fitness Day? 💪

Now in its sixth year and due to take place on 25 September 2019, this feel-good nationwide event is all about encouraging people to embrace the fun of exercise. 

With a range of activities taking place across the country to mark the occasion, National Fitness Day 'brings the nation together to remind us why it’s so good to move-it-move-it, highlighting the role that physical activity plays in helping us lead healthier, happier lives'.

Gyms, schools and village halls will be throwing open their doors to host fitness classes and workshops for attendants, with dance-offs, treadmill challenges and HIIT classes scheduled to take place across the country.

Sounds good to us - and it could make a neat opportunity for your brand to get involved in a UK-wide celebration, too. (No sweat required!)

Brands That Can Benefit From Getting Involved In National Fitness Day

According to the 2019 State of the UK Fitness Industry Report, the UK fitness industry is currently in its healthiest condition to-date. With 10.4 million gym members across the country (a 4.7% rise from 2018) and a market value of £5.1 billion (a 4.2% rise from 2018), it doesn't take much 'working out' to realise that getting your business involved in a fitness-themed event could be an excellent exercise in brand awareness.

There are all sorts of businesses, organisations and brands that could feel the benefit of getting involved in a nationwide event such as National Fitness Day, including...

  • Fitness brands: Whether you give customers promotional clothing, branded fitness toys (such as one of our sports-themed stress balls, perhaps), printed water bottles... We have countless options that your customers will love to use!
  • Health organisations and charities: From printed wristbands to logo-embroidered caps, Total Merchandise has a wide range of giveaway items that are ideal for ensuring your customers can get involved with the event and keep your branding on display at the same time. 
  • Mental wellbeing organisations: With exercise proven to improve mental health, National Fitness Day could offer relevant organisations a huge platform to showcase what they do. 

Of course, some products - such as branded caps or printed water bottles - can be used by any customer, regardless of their interest in fitness or exercise. These can make great promotional giveaways for businesses that don't have a direct link to the exercise industry but still wish to participate in national awareness events.

Promotional Products Can Boost Brand Awareness On National Fitness Day

Of course, the beauty of promotional sports merchandise means prolonged brand awareness that extends long after National Fitness Day is over. Items such as printed sports bottles, branded caps and promotional step counters can be used by your customers long after the event is over, making your logo a subtle yet significant part of their day-to-day lives.

Need some inspiration for the perfect products to get your brand involved with National Fitness Day? Read on for some of our favourite ideas and be sure to check out our Branded Sports Items & Fitness Merchandise section to view our full range of products!

Flashing LED Silicone Arm Straps

The perfect promotional product for: Fitness brands that want to help customers stay visible.

We'll kick things off with something a little bit different! If you work for a sportswear brand, run a personal training business or work on the marketing team for a gym chain, it makes absolute sense for you to give out products that your customers can incorporate into their workouts, on National Fitness Day and beyond.

Our illuminating Flashing LED Silicone Arm Straps are a brilliant pick this time of year anyway: as autumnal evenings slowly start to get darker quicker, these brightly lit arm straps are ideal for keeping your customers safe and your brand name visible. Win-win!

While we're on the subject of safety in the dark: our Glow in the Dark Jogging Water Bottles make a great accessory for heading outdoors in the winter, with that handle making them easy to grip on to.

Printed Silicone Wristbands

The perfect promotional product for: National Fitness Day events that are looking for a ticketing alternative, or want to give participants something to take away as a souvenir.

A simple giveaway that makes a cost-efficient addition to any kind of fitness or wellbeing campaign, our promotional wristbands are consistently one of our best-selling products.

Whether you use them as a ticket alternative for a special event you're holding on National Fitness Day or as a cheap-and-cheerful giveaway to dish out to customers in the run-up to the event, these easy-wear printed wristbands are a guaranteed winner.

Finger Grip Sports Bottles (500ml)

The perfect promotional product for: A more general customer audience, comprising mixed fitness abilities and interests.

For a reusable promotional giveaway that will add an eco-aware edge to your business, look no further than our range of printed sports bottles.

With a large amount of space for your artwork to be printed on to, the bottles are available in a mix-and-match range of colours that means there's something to suit every brand identity. 

Brushed Heavy Cotton Caps

The perfect promotional product for: Ensuring your logo gets seen out-and-about.

You can't go wrong with our stylish Brushed Heavy Cotton Caps - they're one of our best-selling items for a reason, after all! As much fashion accessory as they are workout essential, our branded caps are ideal for guaranteeing your logo gets clocked with every wear.

Take your pick from eight different colours and prepare to be impressed by the luxe appearance of your embroidered logo. For an extra impressive finish, consider our 3D embroidery service; contact us for your bespoke quote. 

Waterproof Phone Pouches

The perfect promotional product for: Clubs and organisations that are centred around outdoor pursuits.

With your branding clearly printed, these Waterproof Phone Pouches are ideal for ensuring your customers' phones can stay dry at all times.

Waterproof Phone Pouches in Black/Transparent
Waterproof Phone Pouches

Price on application

Whether your customers get caught in a rain shower whilst out for a run or simply want a fuss-free way to keep their mobile phone to hand during a workout, these clever pouches are the perfect pick. 

For more sporting ideas to tie in with National Fitness Day, be sure to explore our Branded Sports & Fitness Merchandise section and contact us today for your quote!

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