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Some Ideal Promotional Items for a U.K. Winter

Some Ideal Promotional Items for a U.K. Winter

With the unpredictability that is the British winter weather really starting to kick in, what promotional items best suit the U.K? 


From named storm systems, to winds that cut through you, to icy roads and cold/wet days – we really will see it all in the U.K. over these next few months.  


Offering some promotional items aimed at this inclement time of year will not only endear you to your customers but they'll also be well used and visible for months to come. So with this in mind, here are some of our favourites. 


Touch Screen Gloves 
Product Code: 192331 
We're never without our tech but using it, in the winter is no fun for your hands. Modern smart phone technology needs a conductive material (like a finger) in order to operate properly. That makes them almost impossible to use with gloves on your hands. But you don't have to choose between cold hands and a phone. Our smart phone gloves use a special, conductive material in their finger tips which allow the wearer to use them with touch screens. 


Acrylic Rolled Down Beanie 
Product Code: 182854
Keep those heads hot and toasty and limit the heat that escapes with an Acrylic Rolled Down Beanie. Practical and stylish, this hat is available in 7 different colours, so you're bound to find one which matches your brand. Have your logo embroidered onto this product with up to 5000 stitches. 


Hand Warmer Heat Packs 
Product Code: 195154
If you suffer from cold hands in the winter and gloves just aren't warm enough then these hand warmers will be perfect for you. Once warmed up with hot water, these small devices retain that energy for hours. Simply click the disk to release the heat, these hand warmers can be reused 100's of times and are simply recharged in hot water.  


9 LED Metal Torches 
Product Code: 186691 
Combat the darker nights and general wintery gloom. LED Metal Torches are great for guiding you back into the home or to your car. They come in a compact size, making them convenient to store. 


We'll never escape the weird mix of weather we get here but you can make life a little easier for your customers with some well thought out promotional items U.K. style!

Posted: 10th Oct 2018

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