Personalised Trophies & The Importance Of Awards Season For UK Businesses

The end of another year is the perfect opportunity to reflect on the various milestones and achievements a business has hit over the previous 12 months. Whether it's new clients, record sales, a brand expansion or something else entirely, there's certain to be a variety of things worth celebrating.

With 2019's professional awards season about to kick-off, there's no time quite like the present to take a moment to consider the various benefits of celebrating your staff and colleagues. 

Shining A Light At Industry Awards Can Help Staff Strive For More

Industries across the UK are constantly celebrating brilliant people, creative campaigns and jaw-dropping new launches that are worth raising a glass (or two) to.

According to insights shared by Boost, upwards of 3,500 business awards take place across the UK each year. Whether your company is playing host to them or you have simply nominated your team for a celebration hosted externally, industry-wide awards present a fantastic opportunity to you and your colleagues.

Offering the chance for your hard-working team to have their efforts recognised on wider scales, awards ceremonies can also present the opportunity to see what your rivals are up to, as well. (Hey – a little competition is always healthy!)

On a more simplistic level, awards ceremonies are fun. A chance to dress up, enjoy a lovely dinner and network with peers is pretty irresistible, and there’s also the potential for some team-bonding, too.

Mark An Industry Celebration In Style With Promotional Awards

If you're planning an industry-aimed celebration, one thing's for sure: you're going to need trophies. You might be handing them out with just your branding engraved on to them, or you might be selling them as part of a wider sponsorship package.

Either way, Total Merchandise is delighted to offer a wide range of glittering personalised trophies, which are perfect for bearing the names of winners as well as the logo of your business and any additional branding you want on there. 

With prices starting as low as £8.55 each for our engraved Jade Glass Bevelled Crescent Awards, we have something to suit all marketing budgets and ambitions. 

Whether you need to keep sponsors happy or simply want the names of your winners, we have the perfect option to suit. Browse our edit of sparkling ideas below and contact us today to get your Rapid Quote. 

Rectangular Jade Glass Trophy

Perfect for: A smaller celebration. 

Etched with the artwork of your choosing, these glittering trophies are available to order in quantities as low as 12 units.

Ideal for celebrating employees at an in-house bash, etching is available for two words (plus the same generic logo), although longer phrases are available at an additional cost if required.   

Medium Optical Crystal Trophy

Perfect for: Showing off your logo.

These personalised trophies are ideal for handing out to winners at an industry event, with a lead time of just eight working days meaning they can be delivered sooner rather than later. (And that speedy lead time is ideal for working with any last-minute changes to your winners list!) 

The sturdy base and solid design of this chunky trophy means this award is ideal for being displayed, ensuring longer-lasting awareness for your brand. This could also make a great selling point for potential event sponsors, too! 

Face Plate Real Wood Awards

Perfect for: Something a little bit different. 

Pick from a range of woods to ensure you create the perfect trophy for your event with this impressive award option, which can be ordered in as little as just five units. 

This branded trophy can be engraved or printed in full colour with your artwork, meaning you can create exactly the design you want!

Optical Crystal Circle Star Awards 

Perfect for: Making an impressive statement. 

Ideal for celebrating achievements, these starry awards will certainly add a touch of sparkle to your event.

Elegant and eye-catching, they're the cherry-on-top for a glittering awards ceremony, and their solid design means your winners can keep them on display for as long as they please. 

Jade Glass Octagon Awards

Perfect for: A timeless gong that can be appreciated by colleagues and peers alike. 

Our classic engraved Jade Glass Octagon Awards offer a generous amount of space for your artwork. Sturdy and timeless, these are real crowd-pleasers!

Of course, we have many more promotional awards for your consideration, too. Browse our full range of engraved trophies and fill out our Rapid Quote form today to receive your bespoke pricing!

Top image via Pixabay. 

Written by

John Mackenzie | Head of Marketing

With over 25 years of experience across all forms of marketing, John has the breadth and depth of expertise to lead the team at Total Merchandise. As co-founder and Trustee of the Colchester Half Marathon, he has also built up considerable authority in specifying and purchasing all forms of promotional merchandise over the past 10 years. In his spare time, he is renovating his 1800s house and is sometimes known to wear a kilt.

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