Personalised Trophies & The Importance Of Awards Season For UK Businesses

With the end of another year in sight, now's the perfect time to reflect on the various milestones and achievements that your business has hit over the previous 12 months. Whether it's record sales, a brand expansion, an exciting acquisition or something else entirely, there's always something to celebrate.

And of course, that same thinking is rolled out on a wider scale with industry get-togethers, offering businesses and individuals the opportunity to raise a glass to their sector and the people within it. 


As well as offering people a bit of end-of-year fun, customisable trophies and award ceremonies - no matter how corporate or casual - are also an opportunity to make people feel valued and seen. If you're organising an industry-wide event, there's also a certain degree of clout involved in being the business that can bring an entire sector together.

If you're in the midst of planning an awards event at the moment, Total Merchandise is here to help, with a range of personalised awards ready to order for your special occasion today.

Shining A Light At Industry Awards Can Help Staff Strive For More

Industries across the UK are constantly celebrating brilliant people, creative campaigns and jaw-dropping new launches that are worth raising a glass (or two) to. Events are in all shapes and sizes, from smaller office-held celebrations that award employees who have dazzled over the last 12 months to wider-level celebrations that bring people and companies together from across the UK. 

And of course, it's not just UK businesses that are at it. Awards season, which typically runs between November and February, also incorporates a number of glittering red-carpet events, including the likes of the Academy Awards and the BAFTAs, meaning you're in very good company if you're currently organising your very own celebration.

In short, whether your company is playing host to them or you've simply nominated your team for a celebration hosted externally, industry-wide awards present a fantastic opportunity to you and your colleagues.

Offering your hard-working team the chance to have their efforts recognised on a wider scale, awards ceremonies can also present the opportunity to see what your rivals are up to, as well. (Hey – a little competition is always healthy!)

On a more simplistic level, awards ceremonies are fun. A chance to dress up, enjoy a lovely dinner and network with peers is pretty irresistible, and there’s also the potential for some team bonding, too. What's not to love?

Branded Trophies: How To Choose The Right Ones For Your Event

Never ordered trophies or awards before? There are plenty of options out there, with sizes and styles to enhance any occasion. There are also a few pointers we'd advise bearing in mind, too...

  • What's the purpose of your event? Are you celebrating staff achievements or recognising achievements across the industry as a whole? The trophy you choose should align with the purpose of your event and convey the appropriate message.
  • What material would you like your awards made from? Trophies made from durable, quality materials such as wood, glass or crystal can be more visually striking and often last longer. Choosing a high-quality material will also enhance the overall mood of your event.
  • How do you want them branded? With the option to add your event logo and the names of the recipients to many of our trophies, it's time to get creative. How will you ensure your logo pops, or that sponsor branding truly stands out, while also guaranteeing that the winners' names shine through? WIll you opt for a trophy that can be engraved or one that can show off your full-colour artwork? Either way, it's time to get designing!
  • What size trophy do you want? We've got awards ready to order in a range of shapes and sizes, meaning that there are options to suit almost any occasion.
  • How many trophies do you need? Whether you want an award for every staff member or just a handful for a few select winners, we have options to suit, with many of our awards available to order from just five units.

With prices starting low for our engraved Jade Glass Bevelled Crescent Award (shown above), we really do have something to suit all marketing budgets and ambitions. At the other end of the spectrum, our Optical Crystal Square Column Awards are designed to add some serious wow factor to any occasion.

Whether you need to keep sponsors happy or simply want trophies printed with the names of your winners, we have the perfect option to suit. Browse our edit of sparkling ideas below and place your order today.

Rectangular Jade Glass Trophy

Perfect for: A timeless award option.

Etched with the artwork of your choosing, these glittering trophies are available to order from just 12 units, making them a great choice for award ceremonies with a lower number of categories.

They're etched with your design as well as the individual names of your winners, and we love their simple and elegant design.

Medium Optical Crystal Trophy

Perfect for: Adding an elegant touch to your occasion.

With their gem-like cut, these sparkling crystal trophies are ideal for bringing a touch of sophisticated sparkle to your celebration. They can be ordered from just six units and are flawlessly etched with your logo and the names of your winners.

The sturdy base and solid design of these chunky personalised trophies makes them ideal for being displayed, ensuring longer-lasting awareness for your brand. This could also make a great selling point for potential event sponsors, too! 

Real Wood Column Awards

Perfect for: businesses that are looking for an eco-minded awards option.

Made from oak, our Real Wood Column Awards are a great choice for companies that are looking for something more sustainable when it comes to awards season.

Made in the UK and available to order from five units, these branded trophies are engraved or printed in full colour with your design and offer a modern twist on classic glass trophies.

Optical Crystal Circle Star Awards 

Perfect for: Making a statement. 

Ideal for celebrating milestone achievements, these starry-eyed awards will certainly ramp up the glamour at your event. 

The perfect choice for an industry event, they can be ordered from just five units and are engraved with your event branding and the names of your recipients. 

Jade Glass Octagon Awards

Perfect for: Timeless awards season simplicity.

Our classic engraved Jade Glass Octagon Awards offer a generous amount of space for your artwork. Sturdy and timeless, these are real crowd-pleasers.

They can be ordered from just 10 units and will look great on any desk or shelf. And the winner is...

Of course, we have many more promotional awards for your consideration, too. Browse our full range of engraved trophies and get in touch if you want to find out how we can help your occasion sparkle.

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