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Promotional Merchandise Opportunities for Freshers Week: Part 1

Promotional Merchandise Opportunities for Freshers Week: Part 1

Freshers week. One of the most anticipated events in a student’s time at University. It’s a time when everything is new, exciting and a little scary. In order to help students feel a little more settled and get to grips with their new life at University, fresher’s fairs are held whereby companies can come along and promote their services with (more often than not) free goodies. For instance, local pizza companies will hand out flyers with their offers alongside a piping hot slice of fresh pizza, and other corporate businesses will advertise their summer internships and graduate schemes whilst giving away branded pens, tote bags and lanyards. 


Here at Total Merchandise, we want to help companies give a great first impression to the new students by providing high-quality promotional merchandise for them to show off their goods and services. The freshers period differs between Universities, however, as a general rule of thumb, they run from the beginning of September to the beginning of October, meaning that if you are looking in setting up a stall at the Freshers fair to offer promotional products then you need to start thinking about it now! We’ll run through a few products that we think are particularly successful at University fresher’s fairs. Or, you can type ‘freshers’ into our search bar for a dedicated section for freshers promotional products.  


Tote bags 
A few examples of what we offer:  


These bestsellers are a fantastic product as they are increasingly popular in our eco-conscious environment, offering an eco-friendly alternative to plastic carrier bags as they are made with 5oz natural cotton.  


Benefits to your company: 

  • Large branding space
  • Can be branded to one or both sides
  • Will travel with your message far and wide
  • Used on a daily basis around campus so the design will be seen


Benefits for students: 

  • Great for carrying sports gear to go to the gym or away matches
  • Can carry other products picked up from Freshers fair inside it
  • Good alternative to plastic shopping bags for weekly food shops
  • Comfortable and stylish


Soft-touch notebooks  
A few examples of what we offer: 


Our notebooks are always popular at freshers events as they provide an excellent way to stay organised and keep notes from lectures.  


Benefits to your company: 

  • Available in a range of bold, eye-catching colours to attract attention to your logo
  • Used often in lecture theatres so logo seen by many


Benefits for students: 

  • Useful for lectures
  • Perfect size for handbags, pockets and desks



We’ll carry on later this week with more promotional merchandise opportunities for fresher’s week.  

Posted: 31st Jul 2018

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