Marketing Tools You Should Get to Grips With: Part 1

There are hundreds of tools, some free and some not, that you can use in the digital marketing world to ensure that your strategy is effective, and that you are getting the results you deserve from the effort that you put in. By using research, you can make planning campaigns a lot easier – you can make them even easier by using these tools that we’re about to go through. We’ll jump straight into it


Google Trends

Google Trends is a really amazing tool to show you a multidimensional view of searches and how they have progressed as a result of various factors such as geographic location and media coverage. It isn’t just another keyword search tool – it goes far beyond that. You can use it to see the latest trends and data from Google, and you can see what is trending near you at this very moment. It’s easy to use; just search a keyword that you are interested in and then play around with the options such as comparing other terms’ data, checking out the interest by geographic location and more.



This tool is perfect for discovering content. They say ‘analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor’ – you can easily see that content that performs best. In the creative world, we can often hit a wall when we are writing; Buzzsumo allows you to see the best posts about certain topics.


Facebook audience insights

Facebook is giant – there is no denying it. Therefore, as a part of your social media marketing strategy it is always good to know as much detail as possible about how your Facebook content is performing. Facebook gives businesses SO MUCH DATA. By using the audience insights tool on Facebook, you’ll be greeted with a plethora of useful information; you can use this data to make a plan for your Facebook Ads campaign, you can see lifestyle trends of your followers, where they live, what devices they are using, their interests, and the list goes on. Most importantly though, is the interests of your target followers, as you can use this information to decide on the best way to target this audience.


We’ll continue in the next article to go through a few more marketing tools that we think can really help provide valuable information, data, and content for your strategy.