How to Organise a Business Event: Part 3

We’re back with the final instalment in the ‘how to organise a business event’ series. We hope that we have clearly established that a well organised business event can increase the profitability of your company and the view of your brand, so take the time to review our top tips to ensure that you host the best event possible for your business. 


Spread the Word 
If you don’t have a strict guestlist for your event, spread the word! You would rather be too popular than not have enough guests. Start with online – social media is a great place to begin. Share the event on your company page and post regular updates about it with what is expected to be there. If you are ticketing your event, share a web link so that people can easily purchase/book these tickets and consider doing a giveaway offering free tickets if customers share your event online. These social media platforms are free to use, offering you a free platform to market your event. Start a hashtag and follow it throughout all of your platforms to generate a conversation.  


We also recommend that you add the event to your email newsletter, perhaps giving it its own dedication newsletter. Feature it as a highlight in your calendar and get the buzz going! 

Post-Event Essentials
Once everyone has left the event does not mean that it’s all over! Take some time to review your goals and see if you achieved everything that you aimed to. Did you want to gain new customers? Did you want to make sales? Did you want to generate leads? Did you want to increase your social media following? Review what worked and what didn’t, and then you can see what you want to incorporate into your next event and what you might miss out on. For example, if you booked a public speaker, were they inspiring and engaging, and did they generate a conversation buzz after they were finished with their speech?  


Furthermore, you want to follow up with your guests. We always recommend sending a thank you email to thank them for their attendance – this email is also a good opportunity for you to advertise future events with your company and within your field. 


We hope that our tips serve you well in organising your next event. From the very beginning stages of venue searching to the final follow-ups post-event, make sure that you stay organised and keep your goals in mind.