Branded Merchandise Suppliers for the Small Businesses of the UK

While we've been fortunate enough to grown year on year here at Total Merchandise, we had to begin somewhere and from spare rooms in our houses we started so it is important to us that we observe Small Business Saturday UK as we were once a small business and our day to day trade, as branded merchandise suppliers, is mostly for the Small Businesses of the UK.

From our humble beginnings, then to our first tiny office with 6 staff nearly 17 years ago, we're now 30+ strong sending over 30,000 emails a day in an office bigger than ever. We wouldn't be here without the small businesses of the UK and it's a delight to see the creative enterprises that pass through ordering their promotional merchandise.

We tirelessly source from around the world the most innovative, cost-effective and superior quality of promotional giveaways. We've over 5,000 products on our website and we're constantly adding to it. We've had long haul trips to the likes of China, USA and other suppliers, solidifying face-to-face relations with the best worldwide suppliers we can find. We've also driven up the road to grab a pint with specialist suppliers of the UK. Through our efforts, we can secure the best of deals for the best of products. Whether they be low cost or quirky or luxury, choice and the best opportunities for promotion are always at the forefront of the giveaway items we bring to you.

The ways in which we aim to innovate are through our ever-developing website offering. We regularly canvas our customers and listen to their feedback on what they like and dislike, so we can base our future development tasks on real-life input rather than just us thinking what would be 'nice'. Some of the enhancements that we can bring to you now are:

As we've said, we have over 5,000 products online. All with a comprehensive description, clear pricing structures and high-quality product imagery. We also clearly state the environmental information, ethical sourcing and the CR sustainability of the products so you can make informed decisions. 

Rapid Quote
We offer a 1-hour quotation service on all products so you can quickly get information and make that marketing decision.

Call Me Back
For whatever reason, you'd prefer us to call you – no problem. We have a Call Me Back form that you can request us to get in touch.

Weekly Eflyers
These go out with information and news on the latest products and our best deals. Special rates for subscribers to these allow you to grab a bargain that is unique. (You can sign up at the bottom of any page on the website)

With all that said, the people behind the web pages are the true heroes and without our dedicated and knowledgable team we'd be nowhere so much kudos goes to them for the success of us today.

So tomorrow is Small Business Saturday UK #SmallBizSatUK (December 1st) and as branded merchandise suppliers here in the UK, we urge you to support your local and small business where you can. It'd be a dull High Street without them.