Things to Consider When Creating Video Content

Things to Consider When Creating Video Content

There is no denying that videos are powerful. Positive videos are statistically proven to increase a user’s purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139%. Therefore, the importance of video marketing has never been greater. More and more companies are initiating video marketing campaigns, and more small businesses are winning because of it. Videos can serve themselves as a prime medium for your promotional campaigns, influential ideas, and new content works. We’ve put together a few things we think you should consider when creating video content for your business.


Think About the Value of Videos

Let’s take a look at why videos are the most tactical tool in a marketer’s pocket… they can:
- Work well if they’re long or short
- Be mobile friendly as well as well-suited to desktop consumption
- Be imminently sharable on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
- Thrive in most content platforms, including your website, in emails, inside presentations, and on your blog


Consider Why You Would Create Video Content

The main reason you would consider creating video content should be to achieve your marketing goals. Fortunately, videos can usually offer a range of creative devices which can fulfil any content marketing aims. For example, videos can:
- Give your company a personal feel, by giving the audience a behind-the-scenes peep at a special industry event or activity which they would otherwise not get to experience in person
- Effectively raise awareness of particular social or environmental issues
- Take advantage of the latest technologies by becoming interactive and personalised with the viewers, such as the personalised adverts on 4od.


Consider the Challenges

Whilst there are many perks to marketing using videos, there are a few drawbacks.
- Videos are not an easy technique to master, and it may take a few months or years to get the hang of it if you have never created one before
- They are not always budget-friendly; a good camera can cost upwards of £500 and that is before you have even considered the prices of video editing software and lighting and sound equipment. However, we are lucky to live in a generation where the quality of smartphone cameras is unrivalled and there are plenty of low-cost editing tools with discounts such as the Adobe Creative Cloud. Just make sure your video quality doesn’t suffer because of a low budget.
- There is a lot of competition; see when you next scroll through Facebook how many videos there are. They are all competing for your attention, and yours will have to do the same. According to CMI, 79% of B2B marketers and 82% of B2C marketers are using videos to generate popularity and sales. So you’ll need to get creative and stand out if you want your desired brand recognition.


Videos can convey an emotional tone in a way that text alone cannot do, which is why videos are such an excellent medium for showing your viewers what your business is all about and what is important to you. So, what are you waiting for? 

Posted: 21/04/2017 08:10:17

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