TMs New Year Goals 2018

TMs New Year Goals 2018

Hands up if you’ve ever stuck to your New Year’s resolutions. We don’t see a lot of hands...

Normally, New Year’s goals include losing weight, quitting smoking, or trying to be the best possible version of you, and whilst these are great, they are all very personal. As well as growing as a person, your business needs to grow, too! We’ve decided to start putting together a list of New Year’s goals that should be simple to stick to and effective for businesses little and large alike.


1) Increase digital presence

If you follow us on Facebook you’ll see that we post multiple times per day, and once per day on Instagram. In this way, we are making sure that our followers get exactly what they followed us for – great, regular content! If your social media presence isn’t very strong we think this could be one to add to your business New Year list! In terms of your website, if it hasn’t been updated in a while 2018 can be your year! We are constantly adding new, fun features to our website, with one of the most recent additions being the multi-search tool!


2) Keep up with Google

Google loves changing its algorithm, and whilst this is incredible for user experience it is essential that businesses keep up with it so that they don’t fall behind in the search results. Like we do every year, we will aim to stay on top of the latest changes Google brings out, by bringing you regular, high quality content.


3) Learn every day

This one is great for professional and personal life. We love to learn, and one of the ways we do this is listening to podcasts. We recommend you try it! From the 5 minute BrainStuff podcasts teaching you cool stuff to the longer High Low podcasts – either way listening to podcasts can help you thrive. Whether you’re looking to increase your general knowledge, marketing skills, mathematical mind or business acumen, there will be a podcast out there for you.


These are just a small handful of the things we will aim to work on in 2018, and as the year draws to a close we are sure we will add in a few more realistic goals for the future. What are your resolutions for the new year? Make sure that, like the ones we have noted above, they will make you better at what you do every day.

Posted: 30/11/2017 13:53:37

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