10 Promotional Stress Balls to Improve Your Colleagues' Mental Wellbeing

With recent research showing that 602,000 UK workers suffering from work-related stress, depression or anxiety and 12.8 million working days lost in the UK in 2018, there's no better time to invest in promotional stress balls to add to your marketing campaigns.

According to a study, published by PerkBox, work is the most common cause of stress, with 59% of UK adults experiencing work-related stress. Out of the people questioned in this study, 45% said that their place of work doesn't have anything in place to help reduce employee's stress levels. Now is the time to change this.

Why Choose Promotional Stress Balls For Your Next Marketing Campaign?

Stress balls are an effective way of relieving the feeling of stress. When you are under stress, your body tenses. The squeezing of a stress ball can help to release this constriction, resulting in the individual feeling calmer. But why should stress balls be given to workers? Here are a few quick-fire stats to explain...

  • One-in-five UK workers will experience moderate to high levels of work-related stress several times per week.
  • 25% of people experiencing work-related stress struggle to be as productive as they would normally be at work, with 22% feeling disengaged with their work as a result.
  • The most common cause of work-related stress is long working hours, followed by concerns about performance.
  • Sleep loss is the most prevalent impact that stress has on UK adults.

With this in mind, we have put together the top 10 promotional stress balls to help your customers and employees to relieve the feeling of any tension and stress.

1.  Low Cost Stress Balls

Our best-selling Low Cost Stress Balls have a classic design and are available in a range of colours. Printed with your company branding in up to full colour for maximum impact, these squeezy PU foam balls are perfect for helping your customers relieve their stress and tension.

These budget-friendly stress balls are available in 10 different colours, with prices starting from just 49p per unit!

2. Stress Love Heart

These lovable heart-shaped stress balls are an excellent way of showing your clients how much you care. Choose from classic red or pink and print your logo in up to full colour - it's sure to leave a lasting impression with your colleagues!

Not only are they great for showing your customers that you're a company that has its employees' wellbeing at heart but they can also make great Valentine's Day promotions, too. 

3. Stress Football

Ideal for organisations involved in the sporting realm, these stress footballs are an excellent way to promote your brand as a company that is both relevant and caring about the wellbeing of its workforce. 

Prices for these eye-catching and highly effective football stress balls start from just 54p per unit.

4. Stress Light Bulb

The perfect way to light up your marketing - as well as your colleagues' mood! - these promotional stress light bulbs are sure to spark attention to your branding.

If you want to offer your team stress relief while they're out-and-about, these stress light bulbs are also available in a keyring version - contact us for more details!

5. Stress Hard Hat

Ideal for businesses in the construction and general building industry, these branded stress hard hats are available in four colours and feature your design in up-to stunning full colour.

Also available as a keyring for stress relief while on the go - get in touch for more information!

6. Globe Stress Toy

Have you ever thought about travelling the world? Well, you can go around the (stress) globe as many times as you like!

The perfect giveaway for employees of travel agencies, these globe stress toys are available from just 73p per unit!

7. Stress Balls

These classic stress balls are the premium version of our Low Cost Stress Balls and are slightly bigger in size - meaning even more space for your branding!

Printed Stress Balls for office merchandise
Stress Balls

From £0.51

Choose from a wide range of colours or opt for our Pantone-match service for a completely bespoke finish for your brand.

8. Express Full Colour Stress Balls

Looking for promotional stress balls but need them in a hurry? Look no further than our Express Full Colour Stress Balls - these can be with you in less than a week with our 72-hour express dispatch service!

Made from high-quality squeezy PU, they offer a simple solution for colleagues who wish to tackle stress and tension.

9. Stress Van

Accelerate your marketing with these Stress Vans! Perfectly suited for transport, courier, road, and delivery companies, they're a great themed option for an industry-specific giveaway.

Personalised Stress Van for Company Marketing
Stress Van

From £0.84

Choose from white or yellow and print your company logo to the top and side of the van for revved-up brand exposure.

10. Stress Lorry

And finally, our eye-catching stress lorries! Perfect for workers in the transportation industry, these novelty stress balls offer a large print area for your full colour design, sure to draw attention to your brand.

Personalised Stress Lorry is ideal merchandise for haulier companies
Stress Lorry

From £1.31

So, if you're looking for branded stress balls to help the mental wellbeing of your employees (and that promote your brand all the while), take a look through our full range of promotional stress toys and contact us today for your bespoke quote.

Main image from Pexels.

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Alexandra Horridge | Digital Marketing Executive

With nearly five years of experience across both agency and client-side digital marketing, Ally brings a wide range of expertise to the TM team. Ally possesses the technical and creative abilities to create engaging promotional merchandise content and paid media campaigns. A keen photographer, Ally also takes many of the shots you'll see in our articles and social posts. Outside of work, she assists at a local smallholding and has developed a love for all animals, including her African Grey Parrot - Maxwell.

Alexandra Horridge
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