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Everywhere you look you will see a promotional pen, banks, restaurants and even in retail high street shops. In fact, one certain high street shop's promotional pens are likely to constantly stick in our minds. This shows there is no better way to get your brand name out there.

Are Pens Still Needed In The Modern Day?

Many people believe with the increase in the use of tablets, computers and other technologies, that there is no longer a place for promotional pens, but this is not the case. Almost everyone spends time searching for a pen within their home at least once a week. It is one of those items which you know you have hundreds of but can never find when you need one.

Pens are still used on a daily basis, there are some things which you cannot put onto a computer. For example, quick sketches or shopping lists. Not only would they be difficult to do on a computer, but also it would cost money to print.

The Benefits Of Using Promotional Pens In Your Marketing Campaigns

Cheap personalised pens are cost-effective and simple to use. Not only this, but they are also very useful. If you think about it carefully, there will be lots of times when you have needed to use a pen, even when you are out and about shopping. According to an ASI survey, pens are used by individuals on average five times a day, which shows the promotional value behind them.

Unlike other items of promotional merchandise which you may choose, pens are very small and therefore easy to carry around in pockets and bags. People often lend someone else a pen as well, which means your brand may be carried even further. It's very likely that your pen will be passed along until it eventually runs out. The same can not be said for other promotional products. This means your brand is spread even further than you initially thought it would.

There is a very wide range of promotional pens to choose from. As always, they can depend on your target market and where you will be distributing the pens. You can choose executive pens which make great corporate gifts, or perhaps plastic pens which can be distributed at trade shows. Pens are so small they can be distributed very easily, even through the post.

Parker Jotter Stainless Steel Ballpen

Ideal for your corporate clients, these Parker jotter stainless steel ballpens can either be printed or engraved with your design for lasting exposure. 

Curvy Stylus Ballpens

These stylish curvy ballpens are a great cost-effective promotional pen, featuring a built-in stylus for a multi-functional product. Our best selling curvy stylus ballpens are printed with your branding in up to full colour.

Crayon 6 Pack

If your campaign is looking to target schools and children then why not choose these promotional 6 pack crayons? Personalised with a full colour card insert featuring your company design for maximum exposure.

If you are looking for a promotional item that will spread the message of your business easily then look no further than pens. Promotional pens are very versatile and very popular as promotional products.

Check out our promotional pens and writing accessories section on our website to find your perfect promotional pen.

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