Printed Giveaways to launch your business

The UK is now officially out of recession, which means you should start investing back into your business, you can do so with printed giveaways.

According to the official gross domestic product figures, which measure everything produced within the country, the economy has grown by 1.0%. There have been a number of reasons highlighted for this, including the events of the Summer with the Jubilee and sporting events taking place. According to official figures, the economy has been in recession for nine months, barely lifting out of recession since 2008. Whatever the reasons for the uplift in the economy, it means positive signs ahead for businesses.

How Can Promotional Giveaways Help Boost Your Business Startup?

As we keep stressing, in order to grow a business, you first need to invest in it. This means investing in physical resources and staff as well as marketing and advertising - there is no point in starting and running a business if no one knows the business exists! This is especially true as more people start to open businesses meaning competition is much stronger. There are many different ways you can launch a business, promotional items are just one way.

Printed giveaways are a really popular way to help the launch of a business. They can be used to build a customer base, then used again to create brand loyalty with the customer base. As there is such a wide range of promotional items available, different items can be given depending on the occasion. Everyone loves a gift, it doesn't matter what the gift is, it will be appreciated. Even something as simple as a pen can be used within a direct marketing campaign.

At Total Merchandise, you can view thousands of different promotional products that can be used within a business launch. Let's take a look at a few ideas.

1. For The Transport And Automotive Industry

From safety products to fun giveaways, there's a vast range of products available to customise if you're starting a business in the transport industry. Promoting the importance of health and safety shows your audience that you have their best interests at the heart of your business, leaving a positive perspective and enhancing brand loyalty. Whereas, gifting your new customer base with a fun giveaway, such as a bespoke stress ball, will demonstrate that you are friendly business.

Safety Reflective Vest

Stress Traffic Cone

2. For The Health And Beauty Industry

Being within the beauty industry gives you the opportunity to showcase your flair and creativity with your full-colour design printed on practical items. These items could include cosmetic bags, nail files, lip balms and more. By providing a promotional giveaway that is relevant and practical for your customers you will leave a lasting impression.

Double Compact Mirror

Lined Toiletry and Cosmetic Purses

3. For The Catering Industry - Cafes

This offers you a great opportunity to leave a lasting impression with your new customers. With the concern of the environment being at the forefront of people's minds nowadays, promote your support for environmentally friendly campaigns with reusable coffee cups - this also allows your brand to be seen in places it might not usually reach!

Bamboo Coffee Cups

Full Colour Universal Take Out Cup

4. For All Businesses

All businesses can benefit from promotional giveaways and they don't have to be specifically related to your industry. Take pens, for example - everyone needs pens! Or mugs, it goes without saying that Brits love a cuppa, so why not remind your customers of your name with every sip!

Express Contour Extra Ballpens

Cambridge Promotional Mugs

We have vast amounts of experience with supplying promotional products for new business startups and can assist you with choosing the perfect items for the occasion. For great printed giveaways with a business launch in mind, check out our range of products on our website or give us a call!

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