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Our Best Selling Promotional Items: USB Memory Sticks

Our Best Selling Promotional Items: USB Memory Sticks

For some promotional items, their shelf life is a short one, but if you are looking for longevity when spending money on marketing materials, then USB Memory Sticks are a classic favourite that is guaranteed to last longer than many other promotional products. 


Any business owner will know that it is vital to ensure your business activity offers a good return on investment. Any money in which you invest within your business should offer a decent ROI, otherwise it's not worth the investment. This is true, not only of marketing but throughout a business, through staff levels as well as many other business activities. When looking at your ROI on promotional products, think about the place you are giving them away. 


Often at conferences, or trade shows, many businesses will give away different promotional products. People will always accept something which is free, however this isn't necessarily always a good thing. For example, if one person receives ten promotional key rings from one trade show, it is very likely they won't keep them all. This is why we believe you should consider your promotional products carefully, before deciding what to invest in. 


Our top tip when choosing and designing your promotional products is to first consider the industry you work within, and choose a product they will want. This may be easy, for example, if you are giving away products in the Autumn, then in the UK, an umbrella would be a sure fire hit. There is one other promotional product which we believe is suitable across many different industries – branded USB Memory Sticks. 


Branded USB Memory Sticks have a high value associated with them, this means that when you give a USB Memory Stick to a customer, or potential customer then they will think you have spent more on them than you actually have. Whilst USB Memory Sticks are believed to be expensive, when purchased in bulk they aren't actually as expensive as you would think. When you consider how much your gift would be appreciated, then it offers a high return on investment. 


Branded USB Memory Sticks come in all different shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking for a USB Memory Stick which has a high memory, or just a small memory, there are many which can accommodate your needs. You can even choose bespoke shapes to suit your marketing campaign. For example, if you are working in the British Tourism industry, then you may consider a USB Memory Stick shaped like the Big Ben! 


USB Memory Sticks are so widely used therefore proving to be indispensable promotional items, ticking all the boxes of usefulness, perceived quality and longevity. Our range is pretty impressive and is growing by the week so have a look in our dedicated Category for one to suit your business – it's the last Category on the left hand menu, just over there <<

Posted: 7th Nov 2018

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