How to Organise a Business Event: Part 2

We firmly stand by the fact that the budget and venue are two of the most, if not the most, important factors that must be considered when organising a business event. We covered these two factors in detail earlier this week, and today we will be covering a few more tips on how to organise a successful business event.  


Make it unique 
Chances are that the people attending your business event will have been to multiple business events in the past. You want to find something unique that will set yours apart and make your brand standout. Guests don’t want to attend a replication of an event they have already been to when there are so many ways you can stand out, for instance by changing the pace of the day or adding in unique speakers. Also, add in some networking time at some point in your event so that your guests feel like they can have a bit of a breather and aren’t attending something that seems like ‘organised fun’. Your unique point could be the food, the décor, the presentation, the venue, or anything else that sets you apart. Just make sure you do just that – set your business apart from the rest! 


Delegate responsibility 
It’s unlikely that you will be able to manage an entire event on your own. Once you have a plan for your event, break this up and delegate responsibility of certain aspects for individuals. You don’t want to overload yourself, so have someone choose the venue, and another organise the food and drinks and so on. The people that help don’t necessarily have to come from your company – there are many external companies whose sole purpose is to provide you with unique event solutions and run these events. These professionals, if they are within your budget, almost always have a backup plan for if something in the night were to go wrong. They will meet with all of the caterers and staff and ensure that everything about your night runs impeccably smoothly, leaving you to network and be the ultimate host.  


Make sure that as the host of your event you are present throughout – you don’t want to be spending a chunk of your night ensuring that the canapes are correct. Delegate this duty to someone else so that you can be present for your event.  


Part 3 will be coming next week!